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  • I hate how politicians always use these things to get their rich loving person in the office. Like they didn’t get richer during Biden administration. Who really thinks that rich getting richer is a Trump or Republican problem is completely unaware of the political situation in the entire World right now. I wish Democrat politicians would stop using this platform to manipulate us into voting for some genocide rich idiot instead of thinking of real solutions. Democrat party will NEVER help us solve this problem in any slightly meaningful way.

    1. They don’t shift policies, they shift marketing. They will continue to support Israel because they are treating you with Trump and you have to vote for them whatever they do. So change is never going to happen.
    2. Either vote third party or don’t waste your time voting. You are getting nothing better with democrats. Trump is a candidate that was placed there by the democrats so they can have a better chance in the elections. In next elections they will simply move the goal post and get someone even worse for Republican party and whatever you are voting against in these elections will be the democrat position in the next one.

  • To be honest, when you have half of the year filled with such long nights and it is generally cold, depression isn’t really going to be as rare as in some more sunny countries.

    As for the nazzis, yeah, there is a trend in that. I think many voters get racist because of capitalism gets them in difficult economic situation and they fear migrants will take their jobs. And migrants are there in the first place because their regions got destroyed by wars for oil and CIA funded terrorist groups and global warming. So both wars and global warming are due to oil companies .And both difficult economic situations of the citizens and prioritization of profit for oil companies are due to capitalism. So overall, this is simply how capitalism works. It is a feature, not a bug. Without getting rid of capitalism, we will never be able to solve these issues.

  • I don’t know the exact way they are enforcing this, but if there are still homeless people then either there are some preconditions to apply or people want to be homeless or government can’t afford to house everyone.

    In the first case, preconditions shouldn’t exist, everyone deserves to not freeze to death. In the second case, there is no real problem, if someone doesn’t want to live in a house, than they should be allowed to not live in a house. And in third case, you can’t have millioners and billioners and tell the country you just don’t have money to house the homeless, tax them and build homes.

  • It is ironic that you are scapegoating republicans for this political failure of liberals, who also support the policies that are the cause of these issues.

    Liberals also support prioritization of private property laws over personal living standards.

    Only socialists support prioritizing human well-being and socialism is a bad word in the US.