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Yeah it has some learning curve. Personally I am not very fond of Age of Empire like RTS, but 0 A.D. can be quite fun in multiplayer coop.

But if you plan to play it on a LAN or such ask your friends to try it out in a CPU skirmish first, otherwise they will be too lost to enjoy the game on first try.

Indeed, that corner mechanic takes a bit to get used to, but feels quite natural after that :)

Good text I like to link from time to time :) So I thought it might fit here as well.

Can be also purchased on [Steam](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1993830/ROTA/) and [itch.io](https://harmonyhoney.itch.io/rota)

Still, why EV cars and Solar Punk? Solar Punk is pretty anti car in general and rather imagines dense walkable cities with electric public transport.

I plan to run this on a solar powered ARM SBC where the Lemmy pict-rs image uploads will be already somewhat of a challenge, so Peertube is sadly not in the cards due to traffic and storage requirements.

I think Google makes that a requirement for Chomebooks, same with Mesa GPU drivers.

Looks like that by lucky accident (?) it should work out of the box, really cool. Just some minor differences that could be fixed, but the main stuff happens to use the same parameter names :)

I think I like the idea better to just offer chat rooms on here. Most people (should) have already their XMPP or Matrix account which which they can join such federated XMPP rooms. But we could also provide a simple web-client that can be used without an account.

Email is out of the questions, nearly impossible to host these days due to the excessive spam filtering.

Bookstack isn’t really a classic wiki, more something to write and catalogue books with.

JSON API endpoint for communities?
Does Lemmy have some public JSON API to query information about communities? I would like to adapt this to automatically configure XMPP chatrooms for each Lemmy community: https://modules.prosody.im/mod_muc_http_defaults.html Thanks!

We could just run it as a pure muc service without user accounts, meaning that you would need a xmpp account elsewhere but we could have chatrooms on the domain.

Maybe there is even a way to automatically create a chatroom for each community. Need to investigate that. I think there is some prosody plugin that might be adaptable for the lemmy API to do that?

Edit: yeah seems like something that might be doable with this: https://modules.prosody.im/mod_muc_http_defaults.html

I think this piece vastly underestimates the necessary changes in the next few decades, but still… food for thought.

That’s a fair take I guess. Although the author of the video is a relatively well known Anarchist and is surely aware of what I wrote.

Regarding your last point: you can’t really divide the means (aesthetics) and the desired outcome. If you do that your outcome will be inevitably different from what you set out to do. So while Solar Punk is not so in-your-face political, I think it also does not try to hide its Anarchist roots for anyone who bothers looking for them. If that turns away certain people that is probably for the better as otherwise those people would likely try to distort the idea of Solar Punk (which is a well recognized risk; green-washing and the like).

I run a xmpp server anyways so once I take over the domain it will be super easy to add (right now it would be a bit more tricky with delegating the SSL certificate authority and such).

I was mainly talking about user account integration, i.e. that you can register on Lemmy and use the same account to log into Bookstack or a XMPP account.

I think the best would be if someone would add LDAP support to Lemmy, but I am neither versed in Rust nor do I have time for that sadly.

Because Solar-Punk is precisely not just an “aesthetic”. Imagine someone saying Punk is just colored spiky hair, and you have about the same level of superficial understanding of Solar-Punk. But of course you will find people on Instagram claiming to be Punk now because they died their hair…

If you dig even just a tiny bit deeper, you will see that Solar-Punk is in essence a deeply Anarchist project… a sort of re-branded eco-version of it that was largely developed in response to primitivist / eco-fascist tendencies within the ecological movement.

But Solar-Punk is intentionally not so “in your face” political as it attempts to build a broader support base through diversified means, including art and lifestylism.

Other possible stuff to provide via slrpnk.net?
What other services would people be interested to have available via slrpnk.net? Keeping in mind that it should not be too resource heavy on the server I was thinking of maybe a [Bookstack Wiki](https://www.bookstackapp.com/) for collaborative writing of fiction and non-fiction? A XMPP chat service would also be easy to add. Sadly Lemmy currently AFAIK offers no account integration options, so that will make things a bit annoying.

I think this video was shared before. It seems to be based on a very superficial understanding of the concept.

Edit: actually the video is not the one I thought it was. Andrewism knows Solarpunk very well ofc, so this more of a video aimed at skeptics that are quick to dismiss the idea as too superficial.

I think even assuming all the explanations in the article are correct, it misses the point that for a super-human AI, space is a vastly more resource rich and easy to operate in environment, so it will just leave earth and not bother with us insects any longer as space is near infinite and earth is irrelevant for an AI.

Actually S3 compatible interface might be interesting to link Pict-rs to Garage

We enabled community creation. But to keep things a bit clean we will probably prune dead ones from time to time… community gardening ;)

I don’t want to spent more time documenting than actually creating it though :) But yes some nice pictures would be good.

Yes I noticed that community creation is currently restricted. I think that is an anti spam measure, but we could probably enable open community creation again.

New Admin here
Hi everyone here on slrpnk.net You probably know me from moderating https://lemmy.ml/c/solarpunk I was asked to join the admin team here and was thinking of moving my main account to a different instance anyways. We will probably also move this Lemmy instance to my server when the one year free offer from the Lemmy devs runs out early next year. I hope to run it on a very efficient ARM server powered by solar PV, but that might come a bit later :)