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  • You have a curiously mechanistic understanding of the political process. You think if someone throws a wrench like that, everyone else then just shrugs and says: well then, no other choice than to go along with it?

    Such legalistic tricks only put a thin layer of legitimacy on a crooked process; mostly for the history books if the people that utilize them succeed though other means.

    As for the other point, yes there are some rich people that really want fascism to happen in the US, but not everything can be done by just throwing money at it.

  • We are talking about a hypothetical full on fascist take-over here. As bad as January 6th was, it was a far cry from anything close to that.

    And yes, the loyalty of parts of the US police and armed forces to democratic values is highly questionable, but it is still doubtful to me that the majority of them would actively facilitate a fascist take-over. Look the other way? Sure! But actively take part in it? Probably only a small minority.