COVID-19 Pandemic

Advice for post-COVID cough
I got COVID for what I believe was the first time mid-July thanks to some assholes of coworkers in my second job. It lasted with me about a week, but hit me like a train. I've gotten better, my smell and taste are back, but I still have this damn cough. In the past, respiratory infections hit me hard but I only got them every year or two. A cough would linger for a few weeks then go away. This one has me hacking away uncontrollably at times though like a smoker, white to clear mucus, and it's been about three weeks now. Every breath tickles it, some just set it off. Has anyone else had a similar experience and successfully beat it? How so?

What resource do you use to see local covid cases?
My local gov stopped making useful covid reports

There is also a discussion on reddit:

Any news or discussion around the pandemic. Anti-vaccination posts and comments will be removed, as well as personal attacks.


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