There is a reason Why Lemmy Is Almost Does Not Have Any Activity, Which is:

No One Can Join Lemmy & Interact With it.

If We take a look at “” We will come up with the following :

  • Most English Lemmy Instances Does Not Offer Register Now Service.

  • Even English Lemmy Instances that offer Register Now Service Does not allow you to create a Community.

  • If You Calculate the Average Registrations Per The Whole Page of Lemmy Instances (The Average amount of registrations at Lemmy as a Whole) You Will Find it less than 1,300 Not a day, Not a Week, Per MONTH (Less than 50 users per day). With Some instances have zero Average monthly registrations.

  • If You Dig Deeper You Will Find that a lot of the instances in the page block other instances, meaning even if the user could register at one instance he will not be able to even interact With the whole community.

I think that this issues need to be addressed in order to make this project worth it For the Developers & the users.

  • @JackFromWisconsinA
    61 year ago

    I don’t think we should focus on “growth” for Lemmy. “Growth” is focused on for other social medias because that’s how those corporations are able to secure funding.

    Lemmy and the fediverse isn’t that model. Its focused on personal relationships and inter-connectivity.

    Slowly people will defect to Lemmy instances from the more established Reddit, Facebook, etc.

    The largest issue I have with Lemmy is the account sign up doesn’t notify you when you’re accepted. This may be either an issue with my instance (or my own mess-up) but I didn’t receive an email notification. I just tried my credentials a day later and was able to get in.