I’ve been really wanting to get a steamdeck. I’ve been playing a lot on my modded switch, but there is a lot I want to play that is not available on the switch.

Does anyone have both systems and still use the switch?

I imagine I can just dump my games and emulate them on the Steamdeck.

I don’t do anything online, so I can’t imagine I’ll miss out on anything.

Im an experienced Linux gamer, so im not worried about the Linux side of things.

  • @aberrate_junior_beatnik
    58 months ago

    know their game is more expensive on switch than on pc, but it’s well within your budget and you want to give them extra coin

    With the (probably doesn’t need to be stated but here I go anyway) caveat: how much of that coin is going to the dev, and how much is going to Nintendo? The game might be cheaper on (for instance) Epic, but Epic takes a smaller cut.