I see more and more (I assume young) people that are bootlickers on r/piracy that I’m wondering the following.

IF, the real productive people, like the mods on that sub like db0 for example, come here, and there is still people there is it really important to have a sub there?

You see, if there is no productive conversation going on that sub, because the people who are productive came here, that sub will die off, but slowly.

At least we got rid of the bootlickers, right? Also, as always piracy always gets banned, if a site gets too big, too mainstream. r/piracy was mainstream. It’s better if that sub is the frontpage of piracy, but the real important things are happening here.

My request for the mods: Next time, when there is a need for an update of the megathread, don’t update there. No need. Just do it here. It helps lemmy more that way.

    • @DarkTides@lemmy.fmhy.ml
      911 months ago

      Pirates adapt or die. So at the very least you have increased your chances of survival. Don’t know if sharks will eat you though.

      • downhomechunk [chicago]
        311 months ago

        eh, i’m actually an old man. i started pirating on local BBSs with my 33.6k modem. that’s longer than a lot of folks on r/piracy have probably been alive.