Hello friends, I am slowly getting into selfhosting and trying to convert my old Lenovo X230 laptop into a homeserver that I will use for backups, cloud storage and a few services for my friends.

What’s is your setup? What are you doing with it or what are you planning to do with it?

P.S.: The laptop screen is usually turned off of course :)

  • seahorse [Ohio]A
    11 year ago

    My self-hosting area is a disaster so I won’t post pics, but I run an Asustor NAS with openmediavault installed on it and docker containers running transmission-openvpn, radarr, sonarr, and jellyfin on it.

    I have a pi-hole set up with recursive dns set up as well as pi-vpn so I can remote in from anywhere and access my movies/shows on the NAS as well as have ad-blocking.

    I run syncthing on my daily driver linux computer that syncs photos from my phone to it so that I don’t have to email myself stuff if I need it.

    Finally, I host my Lemmy instance and Mastodon instances from two VPS servers on Digital Ocean. Not sure if that counts as self-hosting if I don’t own the hardware.

  • Transient Punk
    111 months ago

    My picture won’t load, but I bought an ASRock motherboard with IPMI and onboard video so I could use my old desktop CPU as my homelab.

    It now has my old 3800x, 64gb of RAM, a couple of sata SSDs, and a 40tb HDD array. I really want to buy a whole new setup and redo things in a more sensible way.

    Currently I am using Ubuntu server LTS as the host OS. It’s running KVM, and all my services are virtualized there, including a virtualized NAS.

    Ideally, I would like to build a new NAS on top of TrueNAS Scale, then have a separate machine as a virtualization host