A person who is diagnosed with Autism and ADHD; I view psychiatry as psuedoscience and it will never be a real science.

Currently also struggling with silent reflux.

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It's weird how just changing your diet can change your thinking.
If I have a gram of fat I feel like I become a different person.

Uh oh. I somehow blocked Dessalines and I can’t unblock them cuz they’re an admin.

Yep, but also some people think that all economic systems have flaws and benefits therefore they’re all equally effective.

People think that political ideologies are all equally effective so they just think they’re choices.

Microsoft could change their license when enough people rely on their emoji design. It’s what they do to GitHub.

By getting people to use architecture that Microsoft owns. It’s what they’re doing with GitHub right now.

We all heard CCP; but have you ever heard of the *C*CCP?
Not the СССР as in the Soviet Union, but instead the *Controlling* Chinese Communist Party! /j

The good old days of the 70s and 80s; not the 30s to 50s where women dominated the field. Can’t have women prove the world that women can be competent oPpReSs and DoMiNAtE us! /s

IDK. They formed a cake after baking.

I threw them away because I wasn’t going to eat that; I dislike wasting food, but capitalists waste the most anyway.

I’m not surprised that Quaker Oats did this but WTF WHY WHOULD MIT DO THIS?!!

Also, I would not be surprised if psychiatric companies collaborated in this evil “experiment”?

I just failed miserably at trying to make a cake without sweeteners.
So. I guess I do need to add eggs after all… The failures all tasted like trash.

Uh, this isn’t a question. It’s an answer.

I hate those websites. They would rather block a device demographic than design a good site.

This is what JavaScript does to people. Good thing we can change user-agents!

Figuratively too. Most videos are consumerist garbage.

Iran announces that it used crypto to pay for imports, bypassing US sanctions
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/415841 > The anger and racism in the slashdot thread is hilarious.

Why is incest so controversially demonized?
I searched up how many generations of incest would it take to destroy a family, and got that it would take thousands of generations to do so. Maybe my research is wrong…

I just found out about how BASED the North Sentinel Island is.
It's about time native people fought back! I was getting to sad that so many native people's went extinct. Awesome how they managed to survive for so long. ~~Could we establish a community about them?~~

God I hate how wasteful my mom is.
She wants to go shopping. I tell her that I *just* want rice. She ignores my request and buys spicy food, which I can't eat because of reflux. She *keeps* buying food that only one person will eat, when I tell her to buy food that everyone can eat, she just changes the topic and doesn't listen to me. Her behavior is degrading my socialist values. :/

How would I cope with permanent damage?
2 weeks ago I found out that "ADHD" drugs can cause permanent damage to the brain. (I'm pretty pissed. Imagine the goals I could have completed!) I've been prescribed methylphenidate at age 10 and took them (intermittently) for 3 years.

Welp I ended up expanding the objective of my original goal (to maintain a database of communist parties). I probably should also add a database for communist politicians too.

Should I delete my account?
I'm kinda paranoid that some online rando (probably from teamfortress.tv lmao) will try to hunt me down. CIA got info on me long time ago lmao.

Has anyone applied dialectical materialism to programming?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/396294 > It seems like there's no English material on this topic.

Microsoft shutting down freedom — again
cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/307628 > Microsoft created PLUTON, the next gen TPM chip. And now it’s possible to ban devices which don’t run these locked down operating systems. Welp. I guess I'm not buying new hardware anytime soon. Please hurry with the homeland hardware China…

There should be a database for the metadata of all communist parties.
It'd be a good idea for easy consistency. In fact, I'm making one right now in the [rec file format](https://www.gnu.org/software/recutils/). The `recutils` format would be best suited to this task.

My favorite 15.ai series! Too bad there were no Marxists though.

Ugghhh! Are there any firearms with under 10 rounds capacity that are sold for citizens?

I feel terrified of supporting socialist revolutions.
Having a hiatal hernia doesn't help. I also feel exhausted easily. 😞

Should I use a troff format for a README?
`troff` is a simple text format, so I thought about using it for a README.