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  • Went to see it today, took it for a spin around the block and honestly felt amazing. Tip top shape, I tried that 9krpm, only got up to 6krpm but nothing rattled or made noises. The silencer had a little bit of corrosion, but at 1997 old bike, to be expected I guess. I looked everywhere I could, top bottom, and couldn’t find any more corrosion if I wanted to. Pegs in perfect shape. Forks showing no rust at all, no leaks as well.

    The guy told he used ACF annualy, even given the fact that the bike was kept in a dry garage, rarely driven and never in rain.

    Picking it up this Tuesday!

  • Coming from a person having a quarter-life crisis being just a baw hair from their 30s.

    1. You are still extremely young but don’t fixate on this. Telling yourself “I’m still young and have plenty of time to do X or fix the Y” means eventually you will be too old for those things. Unless you will fall ill or there will be some age restricted obstacles, it’s not true. You can learn new skills in your 20s as well as your 40s if you are determined enough. Shifting your career? No bother, I know heaps of people that did just that in their uni days as well as ones that are long into their existing career.

    2. Don’t worry about this. If you fell behind the pack with your studies, means it wasn’t for you. Whether it was the nature of your course, or maybe a uni in general. Going to university is not for everybody, just like doing manual labour is not for everybody. Use this opportunity to ask yourself a question, WHY did you drop out. Is it because you were too lazy? If you had true passion for it, you would find motivation to do it.

    3. No shame in that. I know people that are in their 30s and live with their parents to save money for their first home. Use this opportunity to enjoy your life without certain worries. The time to pay taxes, rent and for your food will come and you will look back fondly on this period of your life :) It would still be a good idea to chip in for utilities and food to your parents if you have means to do so. Will probably make you feel better about living there.

    4. Good. Do mistakes. You learn more from your mistakes than from the things you did right. But the important thing is to analyze WHY you made those mistakes.

    5. Maybe check if there is a career advisor near you/on your campus? They offer free advise based on what interests you. Ask yourself what are things in your life that you are passionate about or what kind of stuff do you enjoy doing. Remember, if you are passionate about something, there is a way to make it into your career. There is a reason why some people that are truly passionate about video games, they go into streaming career, and they are very successful. Me for example, I love playing video games, but I don’t see myself doing for a full on career, because I want to keep it as my private hobby, and I lack certain traits to become a successful streamer (English is not my first language, I’m self conscious and I lack certain charisma).

    6. Do it. Only by trying you will learn anything about yourself. Hypothesising will only get you this far.

    That’s my advice :)