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Yeah, I think it’s a matter of what you’re seeing being different from the author. I certainly don’t see much of this in my age range and communities around my interests, but when I step into spaces dominated by older centrist liberals, I see it a lot.

I don’t think they totally are, it really depends on usage. Someone using a RIPBOZO gif to react to the queen’s death or a sped up anime catgirl zipping around the screen still comes off as being young…it’s mostly the kinds of facepalms and eye rolls (usually from The Office) that older millennials use which are “cringe,” and have been seen that way for years now.

I don’t think the title is particularly great and I probably should’ve changed it for this post. I think the issue that they’re addressing here is that the task of addressing disinformation and framing it as the primary problem behind modern issues plays into the hands of different groups of powerful people. The liberal cry that everything they don’t like is Russian interference, that every bit of political activism or deviation from the norm in any direction is the result of a proxy war between Russia and/or China and the rest of us. People desperately looking for tech CEOs to address disinformation by embracing centralized arbiters of truth. That kind of thing that you hear a lot from (often older) American liberals who reject progressives and the left about as much as they do the far right. That attitude can be harmful and lead to a kind of thinking where no one who deviates from the center actually means what they say and that they’re just trying to spread information on the behalf of some Evil party like Russia:

There has been an attempt to understand every instantiation of populism and social tumult as a question of disinformation. Just how far this goes was made clear when Susan Rice invoked Russian meddling in the context of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protest movement. The resulting vision of the world is one in which movements are seen as pseudo-actors subservient to an underlying system of information war. By the same token, the disinfo technocrats can imagine themselves as an indispensable corps of experts who “promote objective fact as the basis for democratic governance worldwide”

The article could’ve gone further to specify what they’re addressing though. I don’t think they’re trying to get into the stuff that you’re talking about.

I’m a ways off from actually reading this because upon seeing this post, I instead started with their posts on EU4, but I just wanted to thank you for posting this. The work here is exceptional and provides a much more thorough and academic backing to my conflicted thoughts about these games. I truly adore Paradox’s GSGs but I’m also deeply uncomfortable with many of the implications of their historical models and where they nudge players. I’ve got plenty of criticisms I can make from my background, but of course the perspective of a proper historian can really tease out every little facet of these games and what they all mean.

It’s also just refreshing seeing such deep games literacy meet deep knowledge in the subject matter in this kind of analysis. The author’s self-labeling as a pedant really undersells what’s happening here…it makes me think I’m about to read a million "um, actually"s correcting minor inaccuracies rather than the deep dive into the mechanics behind these games and how they map onto various ways of thinking about history that this actually is.

Vegans tend to eat too much carbs, and not aware they are defficient in vitamins B12, D, omega 3…

I doubt the “not aware” bit, every vegetarian or vegan is blasted with this the second their diet comes up in conversation regardless of how diligent they are about it. It’s inescapable.

When you go vegetarian or vegan, suddenly your possible nutrient deficiencies that you could maybe have become the concern of everyone you meet.

It’s funny how little it takes, how statements this weak and indecisive can create such fury.

Worth a read: What Was the Point of Joe Biden’s MAGA Speech?

It could impact a ton of activists doing work they may be jailed or killed for where they’re from and queer people in unsafe environments. Victims of stalking, too.

I’m not really sure whose location and real identity could be revealed that would make anything better apart from being able to egg some racist shitposter’s house lol

Here is episode 2. Won’t be posting beyond that unless there’s an absurdly good one or something, but I’ll definitely be keeping up with this.

I’m probably going to stay on AM4 for quite a while, maybe sit out Zen 4 and wait for 5 because I am so far from being CPU bottlenecked.

I’d also like to see wtf is going on with the increasing power draw on both CPUs and GPUs and if that’s just where we stay. It seems kind of weird that it’s happening now of all times that we’re well out of the stagnation of progress there was in the mid-10s, but I dunno. I certainly hope this doesn’t stick as the norm but I probably wouldn’t go higher than the 7700X anyway so I guess it wouldn’t impact me too much on the CPU end.

People should accept their natural selves, yes, and it should not be expected of them to alter themselves. There are extreme pressures pushing those things which need to be smashed. But you don’t get there by telling people that their makeup is not beautiful. You don’t get there by shaming women in the opposite direction like you did in your original comment. I was guilty of this myself when I was a teenager before realizing I was a woman and I deeply regret it now both because I see and have experienced the also-toxic fetishizing of women being “natural” and “untainted” and because I now see firsthand just how difficult makeup really is and how much of a creative eye it takes to master it…I’m nowhere near.

And you’re just erasing tons of real artistry that is exceedingly difficult to do well and which many women do have a passion for. Tons of women nowadays have stories about men giving them shit for not being “natural” and it’s like…is this really what we want? A woman’s body is not liberated when the standards she’s forced to aspire to are different. The core problem is that she’s pressured into trying to match those standards, NOT the actual content of those standards which will naturally drift around as time goes on.

Hell, because of these newer expectations, making your makeup look less and less like it’s there has gotten more and more highly valued. Women realize that the “natural” look being valued is not necessarily what they actually look like without makeup, so what do they do? They still wear makeup, they just instead aim for the look the “natural” standards want from them. It’s more subtle than in the past, but guess what: When you have standards telling women to look a certain way, they will do what they have to to live up to that…including wearing makeup. This is how you end up with the now-classic situation where men compliment women for not wearing makeup…when they actually are wearing makeup. I’ve seen it happen again and again. This is without getting into how women who wear very heavy or apparent makeup are seen as slutty or looking for attention, which is its whole other issue which is contributed to by these “natural” beauty standards.

And none of this has anything to do with the Miss England finalist: good for her.

If your reasoning is just that beauty standards should be makeupless, that’s no progress at all and chains women to those standards just as hard as before.

I’m reminded of all the women who love makeup and the artistry of cosmetics only to run into (mostly) men who demandingly shout that it isn’t natural and they shouldn’t cover up and this and that. They may think that they’re being feminist heroes or whatever, but they’re just doing the same shit just with different preferences.

It’s definitely cute, but would probably work better without the background.

I’m not quite sure what the deal is there either.

Regardless, this place is clearly a poor fit for you and you should probably just leave.

No, it would not be enough, and I don’t only say this because the police shouldn’t exist in the first place. What’s more important is that they have a right to a fair trial just like anyone else. If there are literally any options to stop him from doing harm without killing him, they first need to be taken. And given that he was in his sister’s arms (it’s unclear if it was his sister or aunt to my reading, given that “the deceased” now refers to two of them) and not, yknow, holding the funeral goers hostage, there were still options.

I don’t care if he had an AK strapped to his back, this murder is unjustifiable.

We all have the context and still feel this was wrong. I assure you, it isn’t a kneejerk reaction.

I don't really use stuff to enhance the look of old games because I feel like it always feels off, but this is a really impressive effort.

This could just as easily go into /c/entertainment as these training programs really skirt the edge of gameiness, but without getting into that I put it here just because the CD-i is mostly of interest to people who care about gaming.