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This is her ->

I’m not sure that I understand what’s going on here. Would you mind explaining?

I cut the cable back in 2009. Been streaming ever since with no advertisements.

What are your recommendations for Windows 11?
My sons will be receiving a Windows 11 gaming PC for Christmas. It has been a very long time since I've dealt with Windows so I am completely out of the loop. Is malware still a concern with Windows 11? If so, what would you recommend we do about it? Are there any other recommendations you'd like to offer? Thank you for your time and expertise.

I believe that these people may be following the political persuasion of the likes of Warren Buffet, Bill & Melinda Gates, and other billionaires who have been championing philanthropy in the past decade.

All of the diseased dragons laying on mountains gold, that Tolkien has written about (and documented here) , are being persuaded among themselves to have a ‘change of heart’.

Even if this is a political stunt or disingenuous, then at least their fortunes are helping a great deal of people.

I understand where you are coming from. If you knew my personal backstory and what I have experienced, then I believe you and others would at least entertain where I am coming from.

People are going to believe whatever they want to believe. That fact is bittersweet and sometimes it saddens me.

Let me put it to you plainly. If there is a ‘god’ or ‘higher power’ that wants human beings to suffer in every way imaginable, then I don’t want to have anything to do with it.

The ineffable has shown me, on several occasions, that this is not the case.

r/AskBibleScholars - What does the bible really say about homosexuality?
Here is, yet, another person that has reached out to scholars. I've seen this so many times in my involvement with [AcademicBiblical]( and [AskBibleScholars]( The general field of study is, obviously, humanities. And it goes without saying, if very bright people (possibly millions of people through academic institutions) dedicate a large portion of their lives to this, then it would behoove us to pay attention. Whatever lies, misinformation, propaganda, etc that you may have been bombarded with must come into question. Do you care about humanity? The aforementioned people that contribute to this field of study, for the most part, do care and want to contribute to all of us.

What is the ‘far-right’ like in Sweden. Are they like the MAGA nut-bags in the US or just ultra-conservative?

This makes no sense. My point was about the global scholarly consensus that the biblical texts do not address LGBTQ+ issues as they are understood today AND Christendom globally does not consider homosexuality to be a sin.

I don’t think they are the minority though

At the very top of that wiki: “The examples and perspective in this section deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject.”

What I’m referring to, specifically, is the past decade. In the past ten years, give or take, Christianity & Judaism condemning (from the pulpit) LGBTQ+ persons is a minority position mainly held by fundamentalist and/or conservative groups.

I believe that the earliest form of Christianity also condemned homosexuality…

There, simply, is not any textual evidence to support this. I have studied the early Jesus movement leading up to the second century of Christianity and there is no condemnation toward personal sexual practices.

It’s easy to interpret the paragraph I quoted as them having the wrong opinion, and if they don’t change it they are at risk from getting banned from the server. That doesn’t seem very nice.

I was addressing the false accusations they made against me. This had nothing to do with opinions.

Also, this is not a matter of opinion as I stated above:

This is the scholarly consensus shared worldwide. And it’s not a personal position. It is a scholarly one based on textual analysis.

@Gaywallet has addressed what ‘be(e) nice’ means more eloquently than I could. This is what a large group of us have decided to be our ‘northern star’ or guiding principal when we are here, on Discord, on Matrix, and any other place we interact together.

What would you suggest? Please, show how I am not being nice.

Let’s think about this in a very simple manner. These texts were written between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago by humans. Do you believe that ancient human beings understood things (sexual, moral, ethical, etc) the way we do today? It’s like asking what the biblical texts thought about Phillips head screwdrivers.

The part of biblical scholarship, that is very focused on how people would have thought about a particular subject, is called reception history. I’ve studied this for over twenty years and the biblical texts do not prohibit NOR do they address any modern concepts such as LGBTQ+.

You are, now, accusing me of misrepresenting and misinforming people which is NOT nice. Our guiding principal, at Beehaw, is ‘Be(e) nice’. Thus, I’d suggest that you back down from your stance.

BTW, you could ask this question in /c/gaming since you’d be more likely to get more responses there.

You’re probably right. See my comment here.

She has either already passed on or is being kept alive artificially so family can say goodbye.

Non-paywalled link:

One of my hobbies is helping out music fans by finding old recordings and 'remastering' them. I've used the quotes there because I'm, technically, not remastering since that would require me to have the original source material. Thus, most of the time, that original material is out of reach and I have to use the closest to the source as possible. I've done a lot of work for the hardcore [Smiths]( fans from the UK. I, also, oversee the [R.E.M. Archive YouTube channel](

Are there any drawbacks to using PayPal?
My wife and I have been using PayPal since its inception. I live in a rural part of Maine and most neighbors, in my immediate area, do not use PayPal and are averse to talking about it. Are there legitimate reasons why someone would not want to use it?