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    you are not as free to think as much as you think you are

    All of those things are things that are very easy to say no to? I swapped the battery on my phone, I don’t have a car but “my” car at my parents house is from '99. I eat food that I like. I’m not saying I’m impervious to bad decisions, or even that these are always bad decisions, but the people who buy a new phone or car every few years its because they like to.

  • Education went up in cost because nothing was stopping it from going up and everything else is so broken it took the place for it.

    Well yeah, that’s my point? Why do you think their customers are able to pay any amount? Because they’re taking government loans.

    Healthcare went up because insurance companies. They are a useless middlemen.

    How did insurance companies increase the cost of healthcare when their goal is to decrease it so they can profit more?

    Cars really haven’t gone up that much.

    New and used cars definitely haven’t gone down in price despite increased mechanization, improved shipping, etc. But yeah out of these things they have the lowest infinite free money behind them.