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  • I think the future will be good for countries like Canada / Sweden / Russia because global warming will more or less only help them. A lot of land will become better for agriculture / more habitable. Of course they will probably have to deal with some sort of refugee crisis from the global south.

    I don’t know much about this but I don’t think that this is how global warming works ?

    I think this misunderstanding is why the phrase “climate change” is preferred because “global warming” makes it sound like everywhere will be a few degrees warmer which is not really the case.

    My limited understanding is that the average global temperature may be warmer, but that really just means the ocean surface will be warmer, which creates more severe weather patterns.

    The big problems with climate change seem to be quite nuanced, in a nutshell more severe and less predictable weather patterns. For example here in Western Australia maybe 20% of the state is arable land with predictable rainfall. Suppose next year there’s 50% less rainfall in that 20% of the state (it just rains somewhere else) - that’s a catastrophic problem. 50% of the productivity, 50% of the water flowing into dams for industrial and household use. Suppose the following year there’s 50% more rainfall than usual, falling on arable land where it hasn’t rained for a few years - it washes the dry topsoil away again destroying productivity.

    There was an episode about water scarcity on doomsday watch podcast - fascinating & terrifying. There’s a phrase that stuck with me - if climate change is a shark then water scarcity is the teeth.

  • You’re right in a way, but I think you’re applying a narrow definition of “opinion” when I think most people ITT are thinking about “behaviours”.

    Sure, it’s not great to exclude dissenting political opinions, the intolerance paradox being a notable exception. That said, I’m not here to discuss politics.

    Say for example that some users will do anything for fake internet points - post anything, say anything, there behaviour is guided by the pursuit of karma and building some kind of following. Other users will do anything for engagement, whatever it takes to get others to engage with them including trolling. I’m happy enough for these types of users to find more rewarding platforms elsewhere. Note that’s different to excluding them, it’s just being a part of a place that isn’t fertile ground for their fixations.

  • They really are. For me they’re the books by which all others are measured.

    I’m somewhat unsettled by book 4, heaven’s river. I think the interesting concepts of the premise have been more or less exhausted in the first 3 books. I suspect that anything coming after will be more or less “things happening in that universe” rather than investigating that universe.

    I don’t begrudge an author continuing a series - it’s guaranteed success after all. But in the ideal sense it would’ve been nice if the first three books had have stood alone.

  • I came to beehaw because it seemed to very welcoming

    I think they’re trying to preserve that

    users desire freedom to choose how they want their online experience

    This hasn’t curtailed that freedom in any way. You can sign up at one of many other instances (lemmy.ml for example) and interact with beehaw and lemmy.world and wherever else. In fact you might say this move affords additional freedoms for people to choose their own experience because beehaw will be free fro mthe noise coming from the instances they’ve defederated from.

    I can only see this hurting beehaw in the future

    This assumes that the objective is continued rapid growth. Like every instance wants to be a reddit alternative. The opening post pretty much says that’s not the objective.

    I would also add that you seem to have overlooked the difficulties OP mentioned in administrating the instance. That’s easy to do coming from commercial sites where people are being paid. It sounds like there are four people who have a little experience, but very little time and resources to spend running the site. Additionally as they said in the post they’re running into the limitations of lemmy’s ability to moderate a large community. One of the fundamental characteristics of volunteer contributors is they’re free to curtail or discontinue their services at any time. I saw one of the admins of beehaw in another post say that it’s been more than a full time job over the last few weeks, on top of all their existing full time jobs. Imagine you’d poured 80 hours over the last fortnight into supporting a community, then telling that community that it’s not sustainable, and that community saying “I can only see this hurting […] hopefully this is a short misstep”