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“Up to the Twentieth Century, reality was everything humans could touch, smell, see, and hear. Since the initial publication of the chart of the electromagnetic spectrum, humans have learned that what they can touch, smell, see, and hear is less than one-millionth of reality.” -Bucky Fuller

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  • Gonna vent some. Long week, it’s not Friday yet, stupid coworkers, stupid customers, managers who don’t care about standard operating procedure, ahhh.

    A man was not meant to sit in front of a computer monitor for nine hours a day.

    Update: thank goodness I have the ability to take a bath. I was whining earlier, but I am very privileged. This is my affirmation.

  • Oh snap, thanks for catching that! I edited the title.

    As a cleverly written and somewhat complex personal story, Infinite shines. It’s got compelling characters that make you care, and then it puts those characters through the wringer in their search for contentment.

    That’s a great point I hadn’t considered, and can’t believe I hadn’t. Rapture felt like its own character to the story in a way that Colombia never really did, but it’s undeniable how well-done the characterization between them was.

  • As McLuhan put it, “the medium is the message” and video games inherently work better through a synthesis of gameplay and story, without one dominating over the other. Games that lean too far in one direction or the other (Metal Gear Solid’s interminably long cut-scenes for instance) take you too far out of the gaming medium and too far into other, more detached mediums.

    Absolutely banger take, I agree completely. Games have a difficult needle to thread, unlike a book or movie that can be strictly narrative-based, a video game has to somehow give the player enough agency while taking it away to allow the story to progress. And now I have DND on the mind again.

    I’m reminded of a comment my older brother made about Final Fantasy X, all those years ago. He described it as basically playing a movie. Go figure, I liked the cutscenes!

  • That’s great! I remember myself enjoying the gameplay a lot, and it ran surprisingly well on my PC at the time. Any thoughts beyond that, anything about the article specifically? The article isn’t over here saying, “This award-winning game was bad!” it’s more so trying to take a closer look at the story and themes of the game as a whole from a 2024 perspective and how our current world can reflect them. Though to be fair ™, it is definitely meant to be a click-bait article that’s part of a greater “Spicey Takes” section.

  • explosions in the sky

    Good band! Saw 'em live in Oxford, MS way back when.

    Thanks for the reminder Lally :) I highly recommend a Thunder Vest for your animals if they’re afraid of loud noises in general. One of our cats, Pancake, always runs and hides when he hears loud booming noises (thunder, fireworks), but if we have his Thunder Shirt on in time he will come out a lot quicker. And sometimes he doesn’t hide at all! Promise I’m not a hidden marketing rep for this company, but it’s the name brand I know lol.

    Another thing I’ve read is that dogs pick up on the actions of their owners, so some people throw goofy little dance parties with their dogs so they understand there’s nothing to be afraid of.