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  • I see. You’d prefer a different kind of idiot, an idiot that would make gun ownership look good.

    you undermine every attempt to actually maintain the right to defense via firearms.

    From the linked article…

    a machine gun capable of firing 400-800 rounds per minute, a level of firepower that quite simply overwhelms law enforcement.

    …just in case your family is being attacked by, say, King Edward I of England or the FBI. We are talking about an assault weapon, not a Winchester 1897, perfectly adequate for your maintaining the right to defense via firearms. That is, if you must.

    See, I know guns aren’t fetish items. You know they’re not a fetish item. Everybody knows guns aren’t fetish items. Every gun owner claims that they know…while slowly and methodically polishing up and down that long, metal barrel with mineral oil, lost in private thought…proudly displayed in oak credenzas or hung along the wall like so many stuffed bass or marlins. Maybe even modestly stored in a softcase just under the bed. I’d bet Anthony McRae knew, too.

    And this charming fellow in Indiana just yesterday knew that guns aren’t fetish items.

    Also just yesterday in Arkansas, this gun enthusiast and his “right to defense” knew that guns aren’t fetish items.

    And this firearms advocate celebrating Juneteenth over in Round Rock, Texas. They knew.

    And this rifle aficionado in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    And this most certainly responsible firearm owner in Lathrup Village, MI, just hours after Michael William Nash’s demonstration of his 2nd Amendment rights in Rochester Hills.

    This is no longer a question of the right to defend, or own firearms, or a “well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State”. Rationalize and polemicize all you want. This is a sickness. Recognizing and admitting the problem is always the first step in resolving.

    We are in agreement on one thing: instead of actively trying to resolve this tragic problem, Rep. Brian BeGole et al are merely clowns.

    r2 FunFact™: know how many total shootings in 2023 (and 2022) there were just across the Detroit River over in Windsor, Ontario? 11, with zero fatalities in 2023.

  • Thanks, oh blustery one, for that avalanche of authentic Azerbaijani audio. I’m listening to it as I write this reply. I say this sincerely: Music, like food, is one of the few things in life that can bring all peoples together, regardless of politics or dogma.

    Just in case anyone has still missed the point, my only objection to this post is that it’s not music. It’s about music, the item in question ironically containing very little actual music. As our sidebar sez—etched centuries ago by the community elders 🤣 —post music and save the documentaries for the appropriate communities.

    – r2