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We from the fediverse should not support evil places like githug Andinsteasd promote gitlab sourcehut And other open libre git providers

as far as I can tell is the main one because shows up on the lists, not sure if is federated( I doub it)

Better to try to use revolt.chat for those that need voice chat while gaming with the guild, I am in 3 guilds and all moved to revolt.chat also the Arch community is big on it with hundreds of users in their revolt server

Our collective runs Dendrite since alpha, is now on late Beta, but I will only recomend to those that like to tinker and configure things and have patience, Sypnapse is much slower but is been around longer since it was the POC such why is on python, nobody in their mind will run such a service on python if it was not a POC, but it got out of hand and next thing you know there was tons of servers running with the POC so it became the most stable and on pair with the protocol, Dendrite is the one that they always had in mind

Awesome! thanks, was wondering why some pics were missing.

Cant see it is on malware god youtube, why not peertube o odysee? I did not leave reddit to then start using evil youtube.

This is bullshit, and how do anyone knows? is closed source… nobody can know, you have to trust their word… so… we all know how that works. lol

aerc with out a doub aerc-email

VPS has its use but def is not the holy grail people need to separate marketing/disinformation so vpn can be used to bypass country rules and such, but not as to have a good opsec by using vpn alone for example.

you can get a second hand pixel (and wait) before you boot download and install the https://calyxos.org/ ROM is amazing.

Matrix is more like a mix between IRC and messaging apps(child of SMS style) I think is actually a lot more IRC alike than single SMS

good job!!! how do we link to this particular instance groups?

Matrix is awesome, but guys try to not use the one node out of thousands(matrix.org) choose another node of people you trust, also avoid using vector.im other than that… matrix FTW.