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Nazi Putin has already escalated with military mobilization, so why the surprise that the Allies are increasing their aid to anti-imperial defenders?

We’ve heard it like 999 times in the last year. Comical.

based. The Allies will sweep nazis off the ground again

Fake news, Crimea is Ukraine. Even russians embassy admits so.

You’ve meant leftists right? 🤡

mastodon, bookwyrm and kbin, sometimes peertube

One of the many websites collecting handles:

More important question: Why Putin Refuses to Consider Ukraine’s Need for Self-Defense

The fascist and terrorist state must collapse. Like the German Reich or ISIS.

Indeed, Buryats and Crimean Tatars forced into the army in racist ethnic cleansing by Moscow’s millionaires now have a plethora of comedy.

Believing America has a monopoly on being evil is just another kind of American exceptionalism.

Correct assumption. I just like how people differently approach these questions. They are really general, I agree, but that’s what I like in them and answers some are trying to add.

I don’t know who Adam something is, but this video is concise and accurate in its criticisms.

Is it possible to unblock user, whom I accidentally blocked? Seems not to work