Almost exactly six months after Twitter got taken over by a petulant edge lord, people seem to be done with grieving the communities this disrupted and connections they lost, and are ready, eager even, to jump head-first into another toxic relationship. This time with BlueSky.

  • Hm. I should probably read the spec, but I’m having a hard time getting motivated.

    I’ve been quite disappointed with AP, and especially the Mastodon, community. Nostr content is slightly better, if you can avoid the worst of the Bitcoin spam brigade, but the protocol is vastly more interesting.

    Given the overwhelming dominance of AT by Bluesky, I think I’ll wait until it’s evident they have no more influence than anyone else, before I invest any effort into it. I feel as if it’s otherwise going to end up like AP, with the 900lb gorilla calling the shots and everyone else trying to play catch-up.