Sometimes with new users (especially on instances with not so many users), it happens that 1 user creates many posts in a short time.

2 example Screenshot, from the local timeline. in both cases, the local timeline contains basically only posts from 1 user.

this is different from spam, but in a similar way, slightly bad.

So, as a user, i would like to scroll the local timeline, but only seeing posts from 1 user in 1 community makes it uninteresting for me.

But when the posts are themself fine and good, it is not spam. So what i suggest is a change in the lemmy algorithm:

  • when a user posts 1 post, nothing changes
  • when a user posts 5 posts, which normally would be ordered directly after each other, other posts should be placed in between. So for the first post, still nothing changes, but the later ones are shown slightly below.
  • the same for a community: i think it is desirable and makes lemmy more interesting if 1 community does not dominante the timeline even if it has many votes. i think it is desirable and increases the diversity, if other communities are moved in between.

yes i know the answer would be to open a ticket in github. this is not what my intention is here. I want consensus when we all agree on what is good, then a github ticket can be created or something.

(so my intention is also to talk about priorities, since just creating a github issue has a high likelihood to be forgotten)



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Idk that’s how I use it too. I post what I read on my lunch break a lot

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