So, I will make no secret that I’m rolling my eyes at all of that marketing stuff that goes up every year. But I’ve been thinking, it doesn’t have to be so superficial and pointless. Maybe there’s some rare exception out there that took the opportunity to say or do something meaningful.

Did you come across a company or organisation lately that use the occasion to take some stance beyond feelgood buzzwords or implement a policy internally or in their area of operations that is of at least some importance?

  • @Spacemanspliff
    95 months ago

    Any company or organization that ACTUALLY cares about LGBTQ+ issues are going to be doing things all year round and likely won’t make a big deal out of doing things for pride month.

    Seemingly all my company did was hang a flag, but we were founded and are still ran by LGBTQ+ individuals, do a bunch of LGBT events through our the year, and are considered a safehaven for LGBTQ people to work in an industry that isn’t always as friendly as it should be.