The Guide to Peer-to-Peer, Encryption, and Tor: New Communication Infrastructure for Anarchists
An exhaustive anarchist overview and guide to various apps and tech that utilize peer-to-peer and encryption. Download and Print PDF Version For Reading Online For Printing Secure encryption chat apps are essential infrastructure for anarchists, so they should be closely scrutinized. Signal is the dominant secure encryption tool used by anarchists today. Conspiracy theories notwithstanding,...

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A guy I know contributed to this article so I’m sharing it here.

I wonder how can one start regularly using Briar and Cwtch? With whom you communicate if you’re an early adopter?


I was wondering the same thing. Even searching for Briar chat rooms doesn’t bring up much.

Cold Hotman

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Yes, Briar is aiming at special use cases, e.g., investigative journalists and activists. It offers features such as communicating with peers even if the internet is down. This can be essential in high-risk and war-torn areas or in case of a natural desaster, but it’s certainly not aiming at the average user.

Cwtch is a great project, too, imho, but still in early development. They’ll need time (and funds), but I do hope they continue their good work.

Have been using Jami for some time, and it works great.

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