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Never used twitch but would like to piggyback this question onto Quora.

Anyone knows how to get rid of sponsored posts there?

Omg what a great news! Looking forward to seeing more solar punk content from this awesome instance


For the love of God, please somebody stop it, do you want me to go after her out of boredom?

When you work in a small industry, your employer can seriously screw your reputation if you try to leave or express dislike about something

I think the whole point of learning to cook is to craft the set of recipes you like and able to prepare in your environment.

Once you filter them out of thousands of recipes you can master those and with time be called a little chef of your social group.

Especially it’s true with disability: those sets of recipes are going to be very different from one disability to another let alone difference in region and ingredient availability.

I love this pic so much where orban is like: wtf dude, I thought we were friends

Could you tell us what your website is about? I couldn’t get much from simply browsing it

Looking forward to research how much you can save on medical bills over lifetime from each additional hour of exercise

I think decline is nice time to start investing. For normie investors it’s not that significant

Great idea. I wish I had one of those playgrounds in my city

At some point we gotta start labeling these processes in quotes

For uninitiated

The term “3 nanometer” has no relation to any actual physical feature (such as gate length, metal pitch or gate pitch) of the transistors.

source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3_nm_process

The idea of bereal is beautiful and I’d expect fediverse alternatives to pop up once the original gains more ground

A friend of mine (80+ female) has never been introduced to a desktop PC before. I'd like to make the adoption as easy as possible, so the best choice in my opinion is to start with simple games to orient her with the mouse/keyboard. Any good videogames suitable for seniors?

I think D. Kahneman answered that pretty well with his Type-1/2 thinking. To conclude his point, emotions can be rational but can be irrational as well.

No need to paint it black or white.

Key takeaways how to ensure things go right: - Diversity of opinion and the possibility to voice dissent - Keeping a discussion on risk alive - Deference to expertise - Ability to say stop - Broken down barriers between hierarchies and departments - Don’t wait for audits or inspections to improve - Pride of workmanship Keywords: safety, Hollnagel, Zero Harm, cynicism, accountability, Short-termism

cross-posted from: https://sopuli.xyz/post/268358 > An interesting bit of mathematical modelling on elecitons.

It's cute she thinks she's helping

For all of future generations, in case you found this archive on old rusty hard drive: this is accurate depiction of events since same-sex marriage has been allowed. Don't be a sheep, know your history

Half an hour of crazy man rambling

Where is the line between keeping space nice / comfy for everyone and abusing your power to shut people who argue with you?

https://www.f-droid.org/packages/me.lucky.wasted/ Additional triggers: fire when a device was not unlocked for X time fire when a USB data connection is made while a device is locked fire when a fake messenger app is launched

Bo Burned_Ham at it again, ladies and gents

I'll be attending my female friend's wedding in a week and I'm sick of looking at posh china which literally noone will ever use. What would you want to receive as a gift for your wedding?

Do you folks have any ideas how you can reuse makeup containers? Usually it's got very solid packaging that could last for decades if put to good use. But I could never figure out what that good use might be.

You never know if it works until you try P.S. This is a joke, if you have suicidal thoughts please gather your energy to seek a therapy