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  • Ada@lemmy.mlMtoAsklemmy@lemmy.mlWho went "full fedi" yet?
    7 months ago

    xitter for mastodon

    This was step 1 for me, and it happened at the first rumbling of Musk taking over, though I don’t use Mastodon.

    traded reddit for lemmy/kbin

    This was step 2. I was using reddit and lemmy side by side, though mostly ignoring reddit, until the API change came through. I deleted my reddit account then and haven’t looked back.

    discord for matrix

    I did this a few months ago.

    youtube for peertube

    I don’t really use either…

  • I have never used Tumblr, and I have no idea whether it’s chronological or whether it has an algorithm, but if it does use an algorithm, I can’t imagine that changing when they join the fediverse. But even if most of them get an algorithmic feed combining tumblr and greater fediverse content, as long as I can access their content on my own terms, it’s all good to me. Even if tumblr pulls lots of users away from smaller instances, it still works out ok because I can still control how I consume their content.

    It only becomes a problem if tumblr pulls people away from the greater fediverse, and then disconnects from it, but that’s a different issue altogether, and one that worries me more than algorithms