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I recently switched to Presearch. It’s quite satisfying with search result so i recommend it.

being contributing and being developing by are two different things.They contributing because they use it on their own server.Linux has dominated server world so its understandable.

If u have less storage or less ram, bloats effects your system very visibly.For ex manjaro gnome eats 1gb when you open your pc.

Oh thanks for info, ill go for glibc for desktop then.

Thats because its bloatware, and i just need a init system for start my pc, also its dictated by Redhat. Same reason for i hate Ubuntu because Cannonical behind it, and behind of systemd is Redhat.They bind rest projects to themselves.(gnome has dependency to systemd) We shouldnt let Companies to be game keeper in Foss world. Thats my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your exp. I decided to move to Void. It will take time to figure out but anyway ill get along with it.

Matrix use a lot resource for instance, so if you think that you truly need it go try if your server computer will be enough for it, otherwise XMPP is only option for low tech

What is differences between musl and glibc? Do i miss something if i go musl over glibc?

Im not newbie. But not pro as well.Ill hang out in virtual box for a while to get know it.

I want to get away from systemd. I tried artix linux for a while but being multi init system, makes it complicate for setting packages for every inits system. I think void will be best exp for me.

Oh, thank you for sharing your experiement, my most fear is to break my system after updates.

Is there anyone who use Void Linux as daily driver?

I currently use Manjaro as my daily driver, but it is bloatware to be honest. I want to switch to more minimalist distro so i ended up thinking on Void. So any advice? How is package manager? Community? Softwares? Documentation?..


Aha, i think Pixelfed would be better alternative for insta.