The world is already dead, deal with it

PS: May Chaos take the world

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Ah yes, the basic need to pleasure themselves

Jamais je n’ai jamais autant aimé être Bas-voté

jokes on you I’m on Lemmy

federation baby!

Seems cracking down on the institution of password sharing was not a good idea

2b2t, the oldest minecraft anarchy server will be (un)happy to welcome you

the legislative elections are in one month

That’s the problem, with this schedule, the winner allays get majority in parliament

Approximately at the same time I joined Lemmy

Also there are some free VPNs (Proton VPN and RiseupVPN) but they are slow AF (maybe because a lot of people use them?)

Life is a joke, memers are those who understood that.

LET'S FUCKING GO EDIT: If this allows the existence of a FOSS Twitch alternative, this is a blessing in disguise