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cross-posted from: https://collapse.cat/post/19794 > cross-posted from: https://collapse.cat/post/19793 > > > Pep: > > Del periodista conservador Wolfgang Münchau: els seus comentaris sobre els riscs econòmics per occident: > > > > https://www.eurointelligence.com/column/a-bric-impenetrable-to-sanctions > > > > Joan: > > "With this one sanction, we have done all of the following: undermined trust in the US dollar as the world’s main reserve currency; forestalled any challenge the euro might ever make; reduced the creditworthiness of our central banks; encouraged China and Russia to bypass the western financial infrastructure; and turned bitcoin into a respectable alternative transaction currency. At least the blockchain is not going to default on you."

The article talk about a desktop version of Briar, but they only show an Android version:


Passwords should never go unencrypted, shouldn’t they? For example, my mail password doesn’t travel unencrypted using using tls, etc. Nor my passwords travelling using https, do they?

So, are Lemmy passwords traveling unencrypted??

VIDEO (censurado en Youtube): Donbass: ayer, hoy y mañana
Si no podéis ver el video, usad Tor Browser, el navegador anticensura: https://www.torproject.org/es/download/

publicació creuada des de: https://collapse.cat/post/15276 > "Aquest anys són les inundacions el gran problema... Ja ha mort molta gent (Bahia, Petropolis), i el problema, a més de pluges especialment fortes e intenses, la manca de selva atlântica i urbanisme caòtic..."

Sorry, I didn’t see it! Enabled now in my instance. Thanks a lot!

Maybe I’m wrong, but this option seems an “only initial setup option”, or at least that’s what is at documentation:


So, I wonder if I can simply add it to my lemmy.hjson

Hi! I’m the administrator to collapse.cat instance. I wonder if I can change any setting to avoid spammers sign up in my instance…

You can use Flatpaks on other distros, for example on Debian. And also snap, etc.

For example G1 / libre currency, a social crypto who is not using PoW, just a simple method to create new money assign every real persona a fix little amount to create (web of trust). More info: https://duniter.org/

Wow!! I didn’t read the article, just a quick look at the graphics, but it’s incredible how people can mix reasonable data with silly stuff like microchips in vaccines.

Thanks for your comment!

Could you give us just an argument or show anything this article is wrong with?

Maybe due to Capitalism… Perhaps just due to Human depredation…

My personal alternative choice:

I use to do some work on open source paid by mu customers, but they never know about it :-) For example, if I need to translate some strings (l10n) I translate a bunch of strings, more than required, for community profits. The same if I’m helping to solve an issue…

But it’s always a way to help open source projects just make a personal donation, as a developer, because our money is, in fact, the money our customers pay us (freelancers, for example).

Improvements on federation with Mastodon, etc. Right now posts on Mastodon have as author the user post, nor the community (but you are following lemmy communities, not users, because it is not possible follow users). So, when any Mastodon user want to follow these “new source” and follow the user of the tooth, nothing happens. And he is unable to follow the community! A furst workarround should be add a bottom line on the tooth like "follow this community at community_name@lemmy_instance.tdl "

Internationalization, i18n (not just l10n, localization). So, you can create communities only visible on a specific language, etc.

It would be nice… Hubzilla (Zot protocol) do it (in a very nice way, you have a multiple identity, hosted in several instances, one of them is the main identity). But I think activitypub does not.

But, at least at mastodon you can export/import your account. But I think some info is lost. For example your followers.

Do the Math: Caught Up in Complexity
cross-posted from: https://collapse.cat/post/770 > Readers of this blog will know that I have come to some big-picture conclusions about success and failure that are unsettling. I don’t like them myself. > > Not only do they create an inner sadness about where I think the human endeavor is heading, but they result in a sort of isolation that I would rather not suffer—introvert though I am.

cross-posted from: https://collapse.cat/post/767 > ... In a system which depends upon growth just to exist, anything which causes the system to falter – like supply shortages, fossil fuel depletion or collapsing supply chains – will bring forward the day of reckoning. > > And where supply chains collapse at the speed of a slow container ship, the banking and financial superstructure will be blown apart at the speed of a photon in a fibre optic cable.

Use pinephone ;-) It has hardware switches and runs linux :-p

cross-posted from: https://collapse.cat/post/349 > ![](https://diasp.org/uploads/images/scaled_full_83875341e900767d3a94.jpg) >

Fediverse (activitypub) federation issue
When I boost a post of a Lemmy community account, like: @main@collapse.cat @ecologisme@collaspse.cat @relatoscolapsistas@collapse.cat @turiel@collapse.cat @agenda@collapse.cat on Mastodon, the "original" author is not the Lemmy community (it remains hide, so IT CAN NOT BE FOLLOWED BY OTHER USERS), but the Lemmy user (who can NOT be followed from Fediverse). I think it should be improved...

You could use Syncthing too, to synchronize between your devices: mobile, laptop, PC…

@nutomic@lemmy.ml, in the Matrix room :

it will be included automatically once we update the site (not sure when)

How get listed there?
How can I list my instance, collapse.cat, at https://join-lemmy.org/instances ?

Thank you, the right link is:


Now my instance is shown with all other Lemmy instances :-)

What reddit flairs are?

No, I don’t mean the “Mastodon feature”. I mean, for example in my site collapse.cat, a community called “Peak Oil” to talk in English about the peak oil, and another community, called “Cenit del petroli”, to speak about the SAME TOPIC but in a Catalan community. Imagine you have an instance in Canada (English/French), in Barcelona (Catalan/Spanish) or just a website with international vocation (English/Chinese/Spanish/Arabic).

What am I talking about could be achieved just launching several instances, one for each language, but could be managed easily if Lemmy has i18n features.

I like tags, but, as you say, there are other applications what use them, like Mastodon. For example, there I use them to build “views” with info of topics I’m interested in.

Thank you for your answer! I think Lemmy it’s a very interesting tool, with o without tags. IMHO a killer feature is that it can federate with Mastodon, etc.

Accept libre currency donations
https://join-lemmy.org/donate accept several cryptos. Could libre currency be accepted too? https://duniter.org/en/ Several pages show services where it can be used, like: https://girala.net/

Internationalization, i18n
Lemmy is localized (l10n), but, can it be internationalized? I mean, people can choose a language and ONLY see the communities of this language (or, maybe, of a "neutral" language... This feature could be useful on countries where more than a language are used, like mine, but also for thematic sites where you want to use 2/3 important languages, and you don't want they are mixed.

Are there tags in Lemmy?
Can we use tags on title and body fields?