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That must be it, that it defaulted to everything from all instances.

I am logged in as midwest.social user, and don’t have lemmy.ml account. These posts look the same, but I can only upvote the second. Get a message saying I need to log in to upvote the first. …

Probably a way to promote lemmy while promoting protest?

Each instance, even. Mastodon.radio has one.

No. :-( I’m asking the admin over here.

For example, I can paste @seahorse@lemmy.ml (for a user), https://lemmy.ml/post/55143 (for a post), or @opensource@lemmy.ml (for a community) into Mastodon search and get back an account that shows up as a link or a post that I can interact with. If I try this with midwest.social, I don’t see anything.

I’ve tried sending a message from this account to an account on Mastodon (@creek@mspsocial.net) and it doesn’t seem to make it.

It doesn’t seem to federate with mspsocial.net (#Mastodon), any ideas?