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If you’re into golang, mellium.im looks like a decent library (i played around with it but nothing serious). It’s evolving rather quickly although it’s still lacking behind in features, but the maintainer is friendly and very welcome to devs using the library to find out the pain points and missing features.

In Android land Java is the go-to language. But there’s already an abundance of XMPP clients on Android. Do you have ideas for specific features you would like to develop in particular that you could not find in an existing client?

I think the rest of the thread has good arguments on the topic, but the main idea is that regulations around sex work mostly impact sex workers and not the client. Even the criminalization of clients results in bad outcomes for the workers, so if you’d like to frame prostitution as a question of workers rights and public health, it’s important to center the debate around the experiences and problems of sex workers themselves.

To paraphrase someone else, as long as money exist there will be sex work. The question is what kind of labor conditions do we want for the sex workers?

In France most police officers who committed abuse and sticked through the entire process are in fact promoted. There’s a “meme” (not a graphical gag) about murderous police officers from northern France being relocated to sunny mediterranean parts as a thank you for abusing the population, and there’s some historical truth to that.

By abusing the population, a cop fulfills their duty to the State. If they can successfully stick to their version of the story and support the police/State apparatus while under media pressure and scrutiny, they have successfully demonstrated their loyalty to the powers in place. That’s why you often see cops who orchestrated massive abuse being promoted to higher ranks in the hierarchy in the next years.

I go for “more”. Any device manufactured today should be under legal warranty for 20+ years, and should be reparable for at least another 20 after that. That’s the only way to combat the current electronic waste problem (and it’s a HUUUUUUUGE problem).

Yes but it’s not just that. Is it easy to replace the battery? The screen? To replace broken connectors? Is the device itself robust to begin with?

Yeah it’s even a classic trope in such cases of police/military abuse…

Good point, but unfortunately recycling materials is really hard processes. Most IT materials cannot be recycled (at least with current techniques), and to extract the “recyclable” materials requires considerable amounts of harmful/polluting chemicals. For example, extracting gold from electronics is a common practice in electronic landfills, but the process isn’t eco-friendly.

I’m not saying extracting new resources is better for the environment, far from it. I’m just saying the situation is real bad currently.

We can! There’s an entire research field of “green IT” dedicated to that. However, there is 0 practical industrial application because the industry is focused on performance, not recyclability. Recyclable computers would probably be bigger and heavier, and we may not have 4k ultra-portable devices, but i personally think the tradeoff is worthwhile.

I believe the state should interfere in economics, protect its citizens from monopolies and ruthless profit oriented tactics and provide support for those in need

I’m curious how you consider that compatible with private property. Let’s take a practical example: in France there’s over a million empty dwellings, and there’s people sleeping on the streets. What do you consider is the most sensible course of action: let people sleep on the streets, or take over empty dwellings to rehouse everyone unconditionally?

If you believe human needs are more important than arbitrary religious beliefs like money/property then i’m afraid you are very much against the principle of private property which says that resources are “owned” by someone and only that specific person gets to decide how those resources are used.

I would go further and say that the concept we know as police never results in good outcomes for the population no matter who participates. Whether the surveillance/control they apply is “mass” or “targeted” is in my view not very relevant :)

Thanks for pointing it out! Don’t hesitate to explain it in the main post next time :)

I don’t disagree, but that argument is limited. First, because someone has to be the person asking on the forums: (at least) one person will have to go to great lengths to find the answer for what is not documented in advance. Second, because you don’t always have internet access to perform a search. Third, because documenting well-known quirks and patterns helps build a better understanding on how things fit together and what painpoints can be addressed as a project.

I was serious about my question. Apart from FreeBSD, do you know of a distro that comes with a comprehensive manual? I really like the Debian admin handbook but i believe it’s a shame this has to be done by “external” contributor (it’s not a core project to the distro) and certainly does not cover all parts of the system unfortunately.

Exactly, which was my original point: the Taliban set up a moral order in which women must be discreet and not have visible sexuality, while in most parts of the Global North after the “sexual revolution” of the 60s we have set up a new moral order in which women must be sexually desirable and available at all times. In both cases, it’s a moral standard set by men to meet their expectations of how women should behave, which is in itself a patriarchal construct and needs to burn!

For example, LGBTQ+ right movements are leftist in some sense

I don’t think this is true at all. I believe queer movements could be interpreted to be leftist in some sense, in that they defy current norms and expectations, but there’s many many LGBT people who are very conservative or outright fascists. Take a look at the top10 trans youtubers for example, or to give an example closer to home, Florian Philippot is a famous gay politician from the fascist party Front National.

I would also argue that women have often been instrumentalized in colonial discourse (“white men protecting brown women from brown men”), and that lately this discourse has shifted to include trans/gay people (pinkwashing). Two examples:

  • in Palestine, Israel is often framed as the progressive LGBT-friendly bastion of freedom against the “islamic barbarians”
  • in France and in Western Europe in general there’s a growing trope of the “rapefugee” in the past years, and there’s a public/mediatic construct that homophobia (transphobia is not yet really part of public discourse) is a product of non-white people in the suburbs ; there’s certainly abuse/prejudice in popular neighborhoods, but building this image allows to completely erase the vast amount of abuse/prejudice experienced in white rich neighborhood or in the workplace

All in all, i would say reproductive rights and views on gender are different axis than left/right. They could be fitted on a top/down authoritarian-libertarian axis (in that they represent personal self-determination vs society-driven roles) but could as well become axis of their own.

As I seem to understand from other comments that you are French, may I ask whether you know (/ what you think about) the Peertube channel !esprit_critique ?

I am french on papers, although proudly anti-french in spirit (being an anarchist). I don’t know about this video channel though. I’ll try to think to take a look, don’t hesitate to remind me in the future ;)

That’s interesting, thanks for sharing! Though personally i don’t understand why we need to make so many distros, i think it’s a symptom of some failure at some point in the software supply chain.

It should be fun and trivial to build special packages on a special repository that package useful software and configurations. If it’s not and we have to build an entirely new distro (and rebuild/patch all packages in the long run) for trivial modifications, there’s a problem.

I mean there’s hundreds of Debian/Ubuntu forks simply focusing on settings presets or a specific desktop environment. Of course there’s the official Debian blends and Ubuntu spins, but i feel like they’re mostly not addressing the issue. It should be trivial for me to take my favorite packages/settings for my favorite distro and turn that into a bootable iso that will apply my favorite settings without having to maintain an entire distro that’s going to be plagued by unapplied security patches sooner or later.

Sex robots are far more ethical and accessible than prostitution

I strongly disagree, for three major reasons:

  1. sex robots produce new forms of dehumanization: i have nothing against masturbation and/or employing ordinary objects to take pleasure, but giving human characteristics to a robot that’s supposed to be used as a passive object could (i don’t have the science on this topic sorry) make it easier to objectify other people as well ; this question is widely being debated in the topic of personal voice assistants (Siri, Cortana…) and how having a docile human-sounding could encourage verbal/emotional abuse

  2. sex robots are polluting: they’re electro-mechanical parts assembled from raw human suffering (in mines/factories) that help completely destroy the environment ; in that sense, prostitution (given some protection for sex workers) is an organic and eco-friendly alternative to sex robots

  3. parallel (but not equal) to point 1 is that from what i gather from my friends who do sex work on a regular basis, a lot of clients employ their services not just for sex but for emotional bonding/support, to escape their miserable daily lives or just to have someone to talk to (or practice weird kinks with) without judgement… this kind of capacity will never be provided by a robot

Does your distro comes with a “fucking manual”? As long as we can’t have easy/accessible guides, i don’t consider RTFM to be a valid answer ;)

Not that i disagree the situation over there is hellish, but if you’ve ever been to London for example you would know Xinjiang is far from the only mass surveillance hell on earth.

And yet he’s the one who passed the laws to disarm the AIM and Black Panthers…

The article is about a property register data leak in Dubai, where we can learn the names of many people who hide assets over there. Interestingly, most properties were not associated with a name but with offshore corporations (because of course). …


Hacker News discusses #Jan6 and #CHAZ uprisings

Are they coup attempts? Random protests? None of the above? …


[CW: NSFW, Infighting] Trotskyist SWERFs violently attempt removal of Pro-sex work protestors while Proud Boys heckle crowds unopposed.

One of the banners reads “Sex work is real work and all work sucks” i thought that would be of interest to some people here :) …


It’s nice and all to focus on what’s happening in Ukraine because Putin’s rule is truly horrifying for those who defy the norms (queers, anarchists…) but let’s not forget there is war elsewhere. …


I mean we could be critical of some lyrics, i’m not saying otherwise. But claiming socialism is about supporting war efforts from one of the biggest empires on earth run by an ex-secret-service operative… that’s a major shift in direction!..


Look, Lemmy, we need to have a talk about neo-fascism

Dear Lemmy, as you may well be aware, racial hierarchies and colonial empires are doing good in these early 2020s. In particular, in the days of the war in Ukraine, it’s important to point out the fascist tendencies at play. …


Some news of anti-war protests/actions internationally, as well as a statement by “Food Not Bombs” Moscow and an interview with anarchist “Committee of Resistance” in Kyev…


That’s a good question, certainly not something we’re taught in schools/media about nazism. I’m posting this here because although it’s usually a sign for nazi propaganda ahead, i find it’s a good reminder that when a politician proposes to “deport” people (such as Zemmour in France proposing to dep…


Sustainable creativity in a world without copyright

I don’t agree with some parts of the article (“work more if you want a luxurious house”) but it’s a very interesting take on copyright and capitalism: …



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