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I know nothing about lol (except for the music wich is always dope) I tried to play many years ago but didnt go nowhere

Yet I absolutely love arcane. The animation, the story, everything is so fucking perfect. And I love Jinx, 100% transition goal.

I wanna know more about the lore, it looks so good

At this point they should just ask help to Anthony since Linus has no idea what he is doing. Although Luke is having a better experience and not too many complains. In a recent WAN show Luke said that he likes Linux mire for working since “it gets less in the way that windows”

I recenfly came back to I3. Its absolutely worth it.

Once u get used to it you will find that you will use your desktop more efficiently. Is extra good if you have a low resources machine.

  • piracy.

I wont pay nothing. Popcorntime already gives you a Netflix like interface, or just put ur collection on Kodi and it looks great.

I watch Netflix from my sister’s account lol, I pirate everything else

Wait, then what about fucking ass? Will the dick disappear?

Im glad they are working on it. It looks great.

At least Conversations on android kinda looks like WA and its easy to use

Smoke what? Me who just ran out of vaper essence

I fucking hate to have a post deleted on Reddit because of some stupid formating rule they have.

Just a few days ago I was looking for a Markdown editor that allows me to export to off right away.

It does that and also allows to export as HTML and JPEG.

It is amazing really.

There was another image. They wanna pass a bill to divide the alphabet monopoly

Just practice more. Find someone to talk to and engage is casual conversations. You’ll get better over time.

Oh shit I need one of those but with Latin America. I guess will be all red. Average internet speed in Venezuela doesn’t even reach 10 Mbps

That actually looks good. Lets see how people use it

What opinions you have on the Facebook Rebranding?

You think is Facebook trying to just wash their hands as Facebook itself will become part of a bigger conglomerate created by themselves?..

Scribe.rip Open source Medium Front end

This is a recent toot from the creator: I’ve made an alternative frontend to Medium:…

Is Silence still maintained?

I wanted to install Silence, but fdroid says it was last updated 2 year ago. Is the project still alive and active?..

Do you think the fediverse has become a save space for radicals?

The alt social media are a good place to run away from algorithms and explicit mass manipulation from other big tech, be more free, independent, and spread ideas, but I also think that the fediverse is being filling with people with radical political ideologies, some kicked out of traditional social…

“Trump Accuses Google of Burying Conservative News in Search Results,” reads an August 28 New York Times headline. The piece features a bombastic president, a string of bitter tweets, and accusations of censorship. “Algorithms” are mentioned, but not until the twelfth paragraph. …

Dark Web Users. What good use you give to it and why?

Hi. I’m getting interested again on the deep web, but I wanna know what is the best use i can give to it, outside of every single illegal content stuff, because I don’t want any of that. I wanna know the good side of it. …