Anarchist. I believe that people should rule themselves by the means they see fit. For large scale government I’m a fan of social support. Tax more and even out wealth disparities please


Some type of socialist, still not sure what though, but could be anarcho-communist because I hate capitalism, imperialism, and strict hierarchy (fascism). I was a conservative libertarian in the past, and that experience informed me that there is no solution to overthrowing capitalism/fascism that doesn’t involve some type of armed struggle. The ruling class will use violence against any movement that tries to tear it down and should be met with an opposing force equal in its willingness to use force.


@alyaza just like @anji (I can’t get his comment to federate here so I can reply to it) said, I do feel like I’m more into social-democracy (as I do agree with most of the policies this implies). However the Social-Democrats around here have deep ties to the former Communist Party and are also populist as hell, not to mention deeply corrupt (so deep that they do not even care about international bodies recommendations, like the Venice Comission, when it’s about judicial reforms - in 2017 they kinda tried what Benjamin Netanyahu did in Israel this year). So I cannot support them here. As such, my natural choices would be for one tent party that is increasingly going neo-liberal called USR and one that is slightly more to the left called REPER.

I am also quite pan-europeanist, as I believe that a united Europe can better face a resurgent China, while potentially being a democratic counterweight to the US internationally. Lastly, I am quite an unionist - meaning I am in favour of a peaceful unification between Romania and the Republic of Moldova (whenever conditions will be more favorable).

angry, if I’m honest.

European “Centrist” Social-Democratic.

Multi-party parliamentary democracy. Free market for labor and goods. Progressive taxation. Slightly favorable treatment for investors and business etc. Universal healthcare and a social safety net. It’s still not perfect but everything else seems to be worse.

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