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  • gaywallet thanks for all the links and resources I had already looked at them. I told you I was interested in that specific period because I find important to have such correlation, I already know about the existing increase overall. The way you insist on this makes me think you are assuming bad faith on my side which is not the case. I don’t like this.

  • Whatever the company’s nationality, they will just fuck up the environment, local community (illness, children born with defects, …), and their subsistence when governement just lets those industries do whatever they want. Chinese business worldwide are no different than American/western; it is worth noticing that Chinese in some countries owns a great amount of industries, undermining the national businesses. This is just a modern form of colonization.

    Both IMIP and IWIP are primarily owned by Chinese company Tsingshan Holding Group, which has been investing heavily in Indonesia’s nickel facilities since 2013. It has become the norm for Chinese companies seeking to get involved in the nickel-processing business in Indonesia to work with Tsingshan and its partners. Although the group reportedly plans to sell its assets in Indonesia, these will likely go to other Chinese companies. Tsingshan Holding Group did not respond to a request for comment for this story.

    Ahmad Redi, an expert in natural resources and mining law at the University of Tarumanagara, believes that China’s dominance is a double-edged sword: On one side, it gives a boost to Indonesia’s state income and local economic growth, but on the other, it could mean that Indonesia’s nickel becomes a pawn in China’s larger industrialization agenda. “[This means] that maximum economic and added value potentials can’t be achieved by Indonesia,” he told Rest of World.

    Additionally, Chinese investors are not known for having the highest concerns for environmental impact, Redi said. “The environmental damage and social conflict will cause Indonesia to suffer long-term losses,” he said.

  • I should have been more specific yes. Anyway the article is lacking very much because it does not show the correlation. Also maybe the correlation should be adjusted for the social isolation period that lead to an increase in things like mass shootings

    logically means that you think carrying guns keeps individuals safer

    Ah no. In a scenario in which everyone carries a gun, it only seems riskier to not carry a gun as well