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Just tried and it didn’t. I also made sure that my uBlock Origin filters weren’t interfering.

I wish it would strip all the url parameters crap that are in Amazon URLs.

Weren’t they kinda coerced to by the credit card transaction processors?

Doesn’t excuse that they were quite lax in their verification process and poorly handling complaints of revenge porn victims.

Instead of playing Candy crush saga in an elevator

I’m not going to do some CV in the elevator lol

But on a more serious note, that is a nice proejct.

He doesn’t need to cut people, they’ll go away if he forces a return to the office. They might land better jobs and he might lose a portion of his top engineers to competitors that are more flexible about remote work.

Seeking validation online is basically a drug for some.

And significantly increased her paycheck right before canning a bunch of developers.

Right now whatever system the maintainer prefers. I currently donate monthly to a GitHub project I really care about using the sponsor feature.

The issue is that most of us put all of our eggs in the same basket. These important repos needs to be mirrored to as many instances as possible.

oauth option

which might go away if the K-9 devs are forced to pay a yearly and expensive security audit to keep it.

CTemplar is shutting down on May 26th 2022
> Dear users, > > CTemplar is closing and the last day of operation for this email service will be on May 26 of 2022. > > To transfer your contact list: > - Go to https://mail.ctemplar.com/mail/contacts > - Click on the button to export your contacts. > - Select your preferred format (CSV or VCF). > > To transfer your emails: > - Log into your account and download the exported data from your account. It includes emails and attachments. > > Remember to change your email information to your new service. > > Please migrate all your data out of this email service by May 26 of 2022, after this day all the stored that will be permanently erased. > > Please contact support to issue refunds! > > A huge thank you to everyone that supported us, > > The CTemplar Team

It might not change the judicial outcome, but it’s also important to understand what lead to this shooting.

It’s basically a grift and the masses are finally figuring this out.

And to add on this, the Lemmy platform evolves quite fast lately, so it must also be quite a challenge to keep the app in sync feature-wise.

I’m currently using Jerboa and it works well for what I do on Lemmy, thanks for your work on this :)

There’s still some stuff I can do like pinning a submission in a community, but it’s not a big issue to go on the web version to do so once in a while.

I guess this could be their shitty way to fight against share-spamming.

It was relatively easy for me. I wasn’t really social either, I didn’t make really any close friends while at school, and I didn’t keep in touch with them either. I just have my small circle of friends now, and I like it that way. I didn’t find high school to be particularly useful knowledge-wise, just as a mean to an end.

To be honest, I learned a lot of tech before going specializing in it out of sheer curiosity and passion, but getting the actual diploma helped me getting where I am today. Technology is a vast domain, and sure there is some stuff you need to memorize and you need to understands the basics to have a good foundation, but some of it you only get good at it by understanding a vast array of concepts, a bit like medicine (even if a bit presomptuous). Some are better than the others to quickly grasps those concepts, and they don’t really teach you how to make those connections, and frankly that’s the interesting part.

I’m pretty sure it gave me the edge against some who didn’t have any diploma at first, but now my CV is mostly speaking for itself. I don’t really have trouble finding work that pays a salary that suits my consumption habits (I’m tend to save as much as I can, to spend when I really need to), and I find my life as a whole as satisfying.

Filters to block and remove copycat-websites from DuckDuckGo, Google and other search engines. Specific to dev websites like StackOverflow or GitHub.

[iOS](https://apps.apple.com/app/verify-ontario/id1584425317) [Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.ontario.verify)

1. **Native GUI install program for Linux. (x86\_64/i386/aarch64/mips64) (GTK/QT)** [Notes](https://www.ventoy.net/en/doc_linux_gui.html) 2. Add support for Emergency Boot Kit 3. Continue to boot when the ISO file size is invalid. 4. Fix a bug when booting puppy-4.3.1 5. languages.json update See [https://www.ventoy.net/en/doc\_news.html](https://www.ventoy.net/en/doc_news.html) for more details. **SHA-256** ``` ventoy-1.0.52-windows.zip: 0b7357e28f95a03bc70f7774c9a8b0062f1ee39057bccf29e21d18726079b0b5 ventoy-1.0.52-linux.tar.gz: ed1120bcaa63ee810fb8bd712964c73057f70c7648be3125f45e639599a631c2 ventoy-1.0.52-livecd.iso: 67b47da686d024e31be0f6085aa863a2bc0dacc8252ea15e60ac4837fbe3dc88 ventoy-1.0.52-livecd.iso.zip: 44db79eee0ff1a40d4241876d38625e770d09f270378ce799a18e5197aecd208 ```

**Organic Maps** is an Android & iOS offline maps app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists based on top of crowd-sourced **OpenStreetMap** data and curated with love by **MapsWithMe** founders. * [Apple App Store](https://apps.apple.com/app/organic-maps/id1567437057) * [Google Play Store](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.organicmaps) * [F-Droid](https://f-droid.org/en/packages/app.organicmaps/) * [Huawei AppGallery](https://appgallery.huawei.com/#/app/C104325611) * [GitHub](https://github.com/organicmaps/organicmaps) ## Features Organic Maps is the ultimate companion app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists: * Detailed offline maps with places that don't exist on other maps * Cycling routes, hiking trails, and walking paths * Contour lines, elevation profiles, peaks, and slopes * Turn-by-turn walking, cycling, and car navigation with voice guidance * Fast offline search on the map and bookmarks * Dark Mode to protect your eyes ## Why Organic? Organic Maps is pure and organic, made with love: * Respects your privacy * Saves your battery * No unexpected mobile data charges Organic Maps is free from trackers and other bad stuff: * No ads * No tracking * No data collection * No phoning home * No annoying registration * No mandatory tutorials * No noisy email spam * No push notifications * No crapware * No pesticides