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It was a simpler time. Not easier, but it was more work to put out your opinion online.

Nowaday, social media is mostly just a verbal diarrhea on the Internet.

I don’t find myself that old and I was chatting on IRC in 1995. Ahhh the dialup days, we have it so easy today.

And you can easily install apps from the Ubuntu repo, since it’s based on it.

The Store is just a list of curated apps, at least it’s not locked to it.

I’d say no more than 5x the salary of the lowest paid employee.

vim in terminal
Notepad++ on Windows
VSCode on MacOS

All using Solarized Dark for the color scheme.

I currently just use a list of known URL shorteners domain names, and it reduced the spam a bit on the subreddit I moderate.

Every platform that becomes popular eventually ends up being spammed.

My suggestion would be some kind of filter that keeps track of several metrics related to the domain name linked, ie how often the domain name is part of reports, how recently the domain name has been registered, etc and if the link seems untrustworthy, have the submission or comment filtered and require a manual approval by the community mod(s) before it shows up for everyone else.

And personally I’d auto-block any URL shorteners services, they don’t serve a valid purpose here and can be used to hide the destination URL.

That’s definitely an important feature for some.

And ARPANET, basically the ancestor of the Internet itself.

At least Cinny is kinda close UI-wise to Discord.

And it’s a good thing for them, being less reliant on a foreign nation for their infrastructure is a good move. It doesn’t stop them from being pissed off when said foreign nations decide to avoid Huawei for their telecom infra.

hmm I’ll have to discuss this further with myself then.

I listen to music a lot, and I do like all the stuff related to encoding and decoding multimedia filetypes.

And makes it 94% less useful, as you can’t really do the same kind of networking that most people are looking forward to when then join a conference.

And since Lemmy is based on ActivityPub, you’ll likely find a module for NodeRED that could talk to Lemmy in your workflow.

I suppose the PinePhone OS (or any other OS) could be ported to that Android phone if it becomes popular enough.

IMO it’s worth having it auto-upvoted. Who posts something and then downvote themselves anyway? Or another option would be to disable the ability to vote on your own submissions, to be as “impartial” and fair as possible?

I could slightly cut down on small replies while still voicing your thoughts, so IMO that could be worth it.

I think Mastodon gets confused by the fact there is a community /c/openscience and a user /u/openscience on lemmy.ml

I basically already host that for my relatives through Plex, but I don’t make any money out of it. I just do it because I want to.

I know where to get the content, and if something is missing that they want they just send me a message, I don’t mind doing it for them.

  1. Native GUI install program for Linux. (x86_64/i386/aarch64/mips64) (GTK/QT) Notes
  2. Add support for Emergency Boot Kit…

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