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I knew this wasn’t far off. As a reminder, the authors are allowed to give you the paper if you ask them for it. Don’t need to pay.

I have to manually “unvote” my posts.

Do you think you’re some sort of white knight or something? No one really cares.

I’m interested to see what happens in these countries. No idea what to expect other than more infections.

I’m not sure of the difference between direct messaging (current implementation) and chat. They’re basically the same. I know someone will tell me different, but it’s just how I feel.

Nah, I was right there with you. It’s so much better to get recommendations from a hobby/enthusiast subreddit than click bait articles.

Adguard for Safari is pretty good.

I ususally add “reddit” to my search terms when I’m looking for recommendations. At least I know I’m getting crowd sourced opinions and not a stupid ranked list where every company paid for their product to be on it…

…he also has a right to use a cheese grater on his dick.

Infallible logic right there lmao

I like this reporter, Kashmir Hill. She did a series on cutting out the big five tech giants. Here is her experience doing it all at once, there’s a nice video to accompany: https://gizmodo.com/i-cut-the-big-five-tech-giants-from-my-life-it-was-hel-1831304194

Not in the sidebar, but, you could switch your homepage feed to All communities and sort by either active or hot to get the same effect. That’s where they would pull their posts from in this case anyways.