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Great White brotherhood are essentially a spiritual cult that speads various spiritual messages, there is nothing wrong with this group, they are NOT some white supremacist group that so many are quick to assume. Look up more information about them before you promote the idea that they are “creppy”


That’s not antivax dumbass. Sorry for being rude. Antivax are a group of people that are against all vaccines and have really been given a bad name in the mainstream media. Being against the covid vaccine doesn’t make you anti vax because you are against just ONE vaccine. But of course people label others antivax to discredit what the they say. Its propoganda and a control mechanism.

Freedom is different to everyone. For example I own a car, I now have the freedom to drive around, but I sacrafice that with having to pay for the car.

Or I don’t own a car, I now have the freedom of buying more clothes, but don’t have the freedom to drive around.

Its quite deep the concept of freedom. But what I was referring to when I said freedom was freedom from the censorship that goes on at places like Twitter and Facebook and Reddit etc. Is some of the censorship that goes on good? Yeah some of it is, but obviously we the users don’t have any say on what goes and what stays - its up to the platform.

Its an inherient issue in free speech, because yes I have free speech, but does that give me the right to knowingly spread misinformation? Does censoring misinformation hinder free speech? You could argue it does. No I’m not saying that my instance will spread misinformation - quite the opposite I want it to be a small group of free thinkers who are searching for the truth in the world.

In my view banning a certain set of information and not looking at the facts just creates echo chambers of similar information and so people become hooked consuming information they are familiar with and daring to go outside anything that doesn’t conform to information they already know.

Its said that for new information to be accepted we must have pigeon holes to store that information, if we don’t we can’t accept that information. So I understand why people are so quick to block my new instance.

On another note it amazes me how so many people gladly accept vaccine passports when they are most facist thing that has entered the planet. We need a pass that says we have had an experimental drug injected into us (yes its an experimental drug look it up, this isn’t me being anti vax although no doubt you will accuse me anyway) so that we can do the most basic human things such as go shopping, go to restaurants, fly to foreign countries. This is tyranny and opression on another level! You could even argue that this is not dissimilar to the segregation that happened in America with the Black folks (granted a bit different because its someones choice to get a vaccine)

For futher reference on their about page on their website

" So, after some thought the name The Great White Brotherhood was chosen. At the time it seemed the best name and described who this group were.

Great implied a large collection.
White implied purity of soul and ambition.
Brotherhood implied a group joining together with one aim.

However, over time, the meanings of words change.

Today, unfortunately:

Great implies noble.
White implies skin color.
Brotherhood implies a group exclusively male.


Its quite straightforward. First you need a VPS which is like $10 a month, configure an ssh key on there so you can actually get into the server genreating an ssh key using ssh-keygen on linux, then you need to register a domain name from somewhere like godaddy, then create a dns record A to point towards the ip of your VPS server. Then you follow the guidance on the lemmy documentation to configure lemmy on your VPS. https://join-lemmy.org/docs/en/administration/install_ansible.html

Its as simple and as difficult as that. Althought the hard part that all lemmy instances are having is getting users to join their instance. Lemmy is really small right now but its hoped that we can continue to promote it, by donating to the devleopers, advertising in on sites like Reddit, hacker news, your personal blogs etc. But you should promote the site https://join-lemmy.org/ not a single instance like lemmy.ml

Hope this helped.

lemmyfreedom.xyz Lemmy Freedom - Instance setup to promote the truth.

Thought I would share here the instance I have setup on Lemmy to promote the truth and to fight censorship online. …

I setup with ansible so it automated it. I think there is an open issue for this on their github. https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/403

I have the same issue of no JWT cookie

Perhaps this is a misconfiguration with how I have setup the nginx server? Any help would be appreciated.

Also is there a way to remove the blinking cursor that it appears on various parts of the page?

So i checked and it seems like federation only works for new posts and comments. It doesn’t seem to sync with any of the old posts and comments before I set up federation. Is there a way to get all the old comments and posts to sync?

I tried doing as you suggested but it seems that objects don’t sync on my instance. I subscribed to the community !lemmy_support@lemmy.ml but it shows up as empty on my instance

all other posts I am not able to view

I tied doing as you suggested and can only see this.

Little confused. I thought if we didn’t have an allowed list then it would be open federation https://lemmy.ml/post/42833

Trouble with getting instance federated

I have gone ahead and added …

Need help setting up an instance on VPS

Hello, I am having trouble using ansible to setup an instance of lemmy. I’m not too sure if the ansible stuff needs to be run on local pc rather than VPS? I assume its on VPS. I am following the documentation over at https://join-lemmy.org/docs/en/administration/install_ansible.html