chatGPT recently started making it loud, that way Microsoft rushed to pour $10 billion into it, so with this new model, are we going to witness the end of Google control over the way we search?

It always gives confident answers. Accuracy not guaranteed.

I figured so.

Well, it’s just the start, when you open the chat they tell you all what you are asking.

It’s a beta product, they made it open to test it. But they can make products using this technology to have this AI on your smartphone, or PC, so you can talk with it and get very nice responses, even from a search engine provided by OpenAI.

Because Google runs thanks of the data they collect, having an AI living with people learning from them to adapt the responses, makes it easier to collect and manipulate people, so inversions will go there.

This is my explanation of why OpenAI would kill Google if it continues like this.

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