Does anyone have a go-to recipe?

  • The one recipe I make, more than any other, is bread. It’s fast, simple, and aside from being a nearly every-morning staple, it forms the basis for many if our lunches. I make this once a week, throughout the year, and I doubt we make any other single, non-trivial recipe more frequently.

    Unless “martini” is a recipe.

      • It’s one of the easiest bread recipes I’ve seen, and frankly just as good as and fussy recipe thay requires more steps. This one is just “put everything in a bowl and mix it.”

        Now, some breads do need more work that you really can’t simplify and still get the same result, like baguette. But I think people see bread recipes and think they’re a lot of work, get turned off, and never make their own bread. It’s a shame, because it doesn’t have to be hard, and it’s way cheaper - and IMO tastier - when it’s home made.