Do you ever wonder if the person you think you are is how others perceive you? For example: I was very shy when I was younger. I felt what I had to say wasn’t important so I didn’t talk. I learned that instead of seeming shy, people thought I was stuck up and “too good” to talk to them. It’s not about caring what other people think. It’s about how we form connections, display emotions, etc., as a result of the person we show to others.

I have a similar experience…i was shy when younger and still so. You remind of a job i worked in my 20’s, eventually i became friends with a coworker who told me: “I never thought we’d be cool - you seemed so snobby when you first arrived”

I’m truth, i was the exact opposite…i was shy. Unfortunately, i haven’t learned or got the courage to change that.


I hope you will find the courage. It pays off!

This is why constructive criticism is important. Though we should be ourselves what others think can be somewhat important in adjusting how we display ourselves.

I’ve been told I seem arrogant in the past. I always wanted to be perceived as the person who would help anyone whenever they needed it. A mentor opened my eyes with some tough talk and it has made me pay more attention to the little things I may do.

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