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  • I don’t know him personally, so if he got quieter or lied (he actually has a statement on his website that, according to you is a lie) about his views, I would not know. Look, I see more than plenty of reasons for one not to like him. I feel people run with media reports even when we have his email transcripts that can be read word for word.

  • Minsky never raped anyone. The 17 year old girl was sent to him and politely refused. She has even confirmed this. I feel as if he goes to great lengths to speak clearly and people never seem to listen.

    I do agree, however, his early views on pedophilia are creepy. I have never heard him support cp, so I won’t argue either way.

  • Thank you! That is a shame. I actually looked at PineTab…although very excited that we are finally have organizations willing to work on free hardware as well, right now, Pine just doesn’t offer options with the resources I want. I made this long without a tablet, maybe just wait for Pine to get more developed and then circle back

  • My shower insight…until recently (when my building got solar) I had very high electric bills…to combat that, i stopped turning on the water heater…it took a while to adjust to…but now, my showers are faster (less water waste) and its better for you…and in my experience this is not a myth. I live in a constant warm climate and I am older…my skin is visibly healthier and my hair is softer…no expensive products…just cold water!

    now, although my Luma bills are minimal(due to solar panels), I still do the cold showers, just for the “no-cost” skin care.

    but more directly…people (who have it) love those water controls! I remember years ago “hooking up” with a guy in a fancy apartment. He invited me to use shower after, but implored me, “Whatever you do, don’t change my water temp setting!” I didn’t touch it, but it was my first time seeing anything like this…i remember thinking, “rich people don’t even have to adjust their water…they can even control and preset that!”

  • I agree. I know, this reply took a while. I was excited to join lemmy, as although I am not a believer in pure “communism”, i do lean progressively left. And I enjoyed it here for a long time…when the Russia/Ukraine war broke out…I got discouraged with all this pro-Putin posts…and it was obvious, if I tried to voice an opinion (like current Russia is absolutely not communist, but in fact the opposite end of spectrum), i would get bad mouthed and down voted to oblivion! Now…I understand the distaste to the West and especially the Us (i live in a US territory (PR), I understand the US behaves badly…on a very personal level even!) But that doesn’t mean every foe of the US is automatically good! Two opposing people can be both bad at the same time. Sigh…

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    I don’t vilify Russia as it is much more than its government. I do vilify its government and Putin - in general and especially as a gay man. I also have a strong distaste for any far right ideology. I don’t understand why people seem to defend Putin so much.

  • Agreed…PR privatized our electric grid recently…we have more frequent power outages now and much higher electric bills, very bad situation for poor residents (of which two third of my island falls into). It’s not just the lack of lighting, most poor people who rely on electric power to refrigerate life saving drugs, keep getting screwed over with long periods of no electricity…and Luma is much more relentless with complety shitting power to late bill payers.

    The only good thing of Luma coming to Puerto Rico…is that many places, including my low income apartment building, are transitioning to solar rapidly.