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Yeah here in Poland this was routine during the PRL era. Take the horse, get shitfaced, folks will load you up on the cart and tell the horse to go home.

If I weren’t sharing creds with some people I’d already pull the plug. I’m there maybe for one or two things that I could pirate with not much more effort

These apps always seemed so fucking vapid and empty for me

Well, not just stairs but also other weird crevices nooks and crannies. Also a normal vac will have mighty more suction. But yeah, I seldomly break out the big guy.

Saw a postwoman in town ride the bus with her mailbag

I got banned there because I transcribed a post on /r/engrish. Yeah, fuck me for wanting to provide accessibility for blind folx

Showing up on LGBT pride events, donating to worthwhile causes, planning to join a union

Yeah some of these sanctions are not the kind of an own Westerners™ think they are