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Except France has a semi-presidential system, without a majority in parliament a French president’s powers are limited. (the legislative elections are in one month)

Abusing unicode fonts is a usability nightmare; even if screen readers do their best announcing them, just avoid doing it in general. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH7A5LnveoI

And Apple knew about it:

The manner in which Google has actively worked with Big Tech competitors to undermine users’ privacy further illustrates Google’s pretextual privacy concerns. For example, in a closed-door meeting on August 6, 2019 between the five Big Tech companies—including Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft—Google discussed forestalling consumer privacy efforts.

Thank you!

(If anyone wants to use it, you need to remove the trailing slash) javascript:q=location.pathname;location.href="https://scribe.rip"+q;

Thanks for this! I was thinking, did you thought about making a simple bookmarklet?

It depends of who you’re stealing from. Another individual? No. But thankfully now we have big food distribution chains, that have impressive percentages of produce already accounted to be wasted at some point, so please take what you need in the supermarket.

You can’t report a subreddit. Only individual posts.

Meilleur je sais pas, ça a foutu en l’air mes userstyles.

My mostly black wardrobe comes from the street and second-hand shops, except for underwear. Everything fits in a backpack. So my style might be nerdy eco-conscious pseudo-hobo? Hahaha fashion is a joke really, an embarrassment of riches, a waste of time and resources.

You could try using another DNS service, sometimes that’s enough.

Had this idea for a less stupid copyright law for creative works: author’s death + 7 years. This way direct descendants have a magical grace period of 7 years to cash in if they want to, before everything becomes public domain, as it should be.

Yes, I guess. It’s not continuity like the one you can have from one dreaming session to the next time you get asleep, but more like everything dreamed before, interwoven in the same place and time, but making sense?

It might sound weird, but I have my own fictional universe, and I get to experience it randomly every few years while sleeping. I call it the meta dream, it’s basically the addition of all the characters, situations, and stories of all my previous dreams. As you can imagine it’s really dense, but without being confusing since I already know all its details. I usually wake up from it exhausted but really happy, like if I’ve just read the best book ever written.

EFF and McSweeney’s have teamed up to bring you The End of Trust (McSweeney’s 54). The first all-nonfiction McSweeney’s issue is a collection of essays and interviews focusing on issues related to technology, privacy, and surveillance. …