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Their website says that was the most recent release. Looks like you’re out of luck.

I always thought it stood for “It’s rando, m’friend.”

This one doesn’t look like spam to me. If you think it is, you can at the moderator(s) to have it removed. I have seen talk about a report button but can’t remember the details on timeline.

Is this a cat?

Of course you can get base level info on a donations page. Can’t believe I didn’t think to look there. Thanks for the heads up.

I agree the installs are at maximum easy. The only advantage I see is making steps away from any command line which scares people even if you’re only typing literally ten words.

Yep, they do DivestOS, router firmware, privacy apps (including Mull), and some other stuff.

Thanks for the input on Mull. I am looking at playing with that and some of the other apps, so it is good to know that they have a reputation out there.

Opinions on Divested Computing Group

Does anyone have experience with this organization (https://divested.dev)? There isn’t any footprint I can find of them outside their repos and message boards. …

Thanks for the distinction. Just for the record and anyone asking the same question - /e/ does still support even though lineage dropped my device.

Yep, add a quart, check, and repeat until it is on the stick. Then check more regularly because you’re either leaking or burning oil. Fix the problem if you can, but don’t let it run dry if you don’t want to destroy your engine. Don’t wait for the engine oil light to tell you, by then it is dangerously low.

The other place to get a factory dipstck is at a junk yard. Find a vehicle that matches yours exactly and grab the dipstick. It will be super cheap.

Nice work throwing the choice out there, getting the power to make the decision, and putting a solution in place. It is a small thing, but I love how smoothly (and quickly) that went. Kudos especially to the OP and to the community. This is the kind of thing that keeps me engaged even when the option I was rooting for lost out.

Maybe if I am ever looking at graphene I will. As I said it isn’t available on my device.

Great to have perspective from a real world user. Thank you!

I like the 1st one. I think I would like it even more if you filled in the nose with the black making it the dot in the question mark instead of a square dot.

You’re right that they are probably just edge cases. As a thought experiment I see three possible use scenarios - 1) Lose the phone and it dies 2) Malicious person gets phone, tries to restart for whatever reason, and is locked out 3) I know for some reason that someone is about to try to get data off my phone in person and I have time to turn it off.

More to the point there really isn’t a downside. Entering a password when I restart is nothing for me, and the read/write slow down isn’t going be noticeable because I don’t ask much of my phone.

I’ve never been in the xdadevelopers forums. I will definitely go take a look. Thanks for the new resource.

Great general info! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Specifically, Graphene and Calyx support a combined total of 12 devices 11 of which are Pixels. Great for those users and it might inform what I buy in the future. Lineage supports tons of devices - great for anyone reading this who doesn’t care about the softened security (or doesn’t have another choice). Lineage is out for me specifically because my device is old/unpopular enough. /e/ still list support for my device, but I am guessing that since it is based on Lineage it won’t get meaningful support either.

Good thoughts in the article about what needs to get prioritized in development. Yeah, my phone specifically isn’t quite there, but at least they’re pretty far along in the process, and this is good discussion for anyone else looking for a new OS who might have a different old phone. My ability to contribute to code is so limited that it might as well not exist. Best I can usually do is finding and reporting issues.

That is a nice-to-have that could push me that way

Yeah, I don’t think it was super popular and it’s getting old (6yrs). I think spotty support is all I can hope for, but I’d rather do that than toss it.

Thank you! I must have been looking somewhere with outdated info when I looked into this one.

Looking for a new mobile OS

I have been running lineageOS on my OnePlus 2. I liked it, but Lineage has stopped supporting my phone. There are two options that I have been able to find as replacements - postmarketOS and /e/OS. Any thoughts on those or other recommendation? Anything that gets security updates, is open source, an…

Firefox banned at work

Do any of you have thoughts on a business case for continued use of Firefox for an individual? …