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In this situation other “person” taking the bus are multiples times heavier than the ones taking the ebike. Inducing a strain not only on the bus but roads as well.

Imo we have to see this site as a statement : it’s possible to build low tech , light website, running off-grid.

It’s a barrier for replacement. Period.

Most people are afraid of tools and scared to break things. So they gonna pay somebody to do it. Or just buy a new one…

yeah I was a dick responding to you yesterday. Sorry about that.

Yeah i’m not from the “anglo-sphère”

And Britain has never celebrated Thanksgiving (at least according to Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thanksgiving )

Ffmpeg is such a great tool.

If you have one (or many) video and need to extract/convert/divide this is the way to go.

3 of those are not celebrated anywhere but north America.

Christmas is a christian one…

So gotta go with that pagan one called new years eve.

Isn’t ecosia still running google queries?

Yhea nothing broken:) thank for asking.

Have a Nice weekend

I had that this week.

Go run over by a automobilist by the end of the 4th…

Lol. It’s just a bad update. It happens in any type of development.

I understand how annoying that can be.

Because it’s too inclusive.

Op’s phone knows that the app works without google services and sabotage itself.

But would we still need ubi if basics social services are provided?

Like if access to housing, food, healthcare, education and culture was secured for all?

European social policies from the post wars were very much structured around providing services.

Org-roam mate.

It provides the linking and visualization of your data :)

It’s a liberal perspective on fixing inequalities.

See, instead of envisioning a system where policies are devised at a societal level in order to tackles our needs, it imagines poorness and inequalities as an issue related to purchasing power.

That thinking might build up perverse effect.

Imagine a scenario :

I’m walking 10km everyday to work in the city, and so does my whole village.

The universal basic income (ubi) allows me to buy and maintain really good running shoes. One neighbor can even afford a bike.

In another configuration the city could have dedicated part of its budget implementing public transportation.

The ubi at its core assume that individuals are the key unit, coupled with the whole neo liberal ideology that the “egoistic action of an individual benefit society at large”. One might sees why this idea is getting traction at the moment. It’s an idea that relies on the belief that the “market” will provides for our need. The ubi subsume political process and action by the market.

That sucks.

Sliminess is such a stupid feature compared to an audio jack.