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I think you mean language filter. Internalization often means something else

Mastodon tries to implement a language filter too, but it didn’t go very well from what I heard – false negative and false positive happen both too often.

I wouldn’t be against this feature though. IMO there should be a message confirming if the language is recognized correctly to refine the language model, but that might be diverting developers’ effort from more helpful features.

Everything with underscore behaves weirdly on Lemmy

literally shitpost

On one hand, it reaches more people, on the other hand, it’d be annoying if it is posted on several communities I subscribe to.

It’d be nice if Lemmy merge them. (Do they?)

The client API can be used to make it possible. There is a mirror bot on lotide, btw

deleted by creator

Perpetual captchas and not letting people to log in or even viewing websites are examples of their hostility.

Mass surveillance
ethicless …

Meta stands for

I think these comments would mention commenters of all parent comments, which could be annoying for Lemmy users.

I hope this does not mean I can no longer run it from Chromium.

They put a lot in the page description 😆

Check .xinitrc if TERM or TERMINAL is set. If not, set it to xfce4-terminal

I filed a pull request to privacy-redirect to add this site.

Apple says they are fully committed to privacy. Google says “don’t be evil”.

Wait that OS is designed for server 🤔

Huh, it’s not yet another Android-modded phone. Interesting

Thanks for elaborating my point.

It’s sad that Zot, the only protocol that supports nomadic identity, is rather unpopular in comparison with ActivityPub.

Without nomadic identity, people would still be affected and unable to connect to the network. Sadly it’s not defined in ActivityPub (yet?)

Yes, it’d be scary to learn that they could be among us without us knowing. Scientifically speaking, this would be extremely unlikely (I’m assuming by being human you mean not only sharing with us appearance, but also genome and reproducible with us), so it would certainly raise big questions in the science community.

Funnily, this is how I usually imagine aliens, as portrayed in some sci-fi movies and comics.

First post, just realized I can put text in image post unlike on Reddit…