Suuuuper new to Lemmy, so apologies in advamce if this is a particularly stupid question. DDG has been no help.

I’m a member of I’d like to subscribe, and post to, a community (sub?) on another server. I know the other server is federated with, because I can see other subs, and I know the sub on the foreign server (in this case,, which I found with DDG.

So why can’t I find the sub in Jerboa? I’ve searched by name, by name including server, by every combination of reference I can think of. !, #, @.

It’s a technical sub, and I can’t imagine it’s been intentionally blocked. So I’m thinking that maybe Lemmy is whitelist-based? Do admins have to explicitly include subs from other instances? Or is there some magic that I’ve somehow missed about how to get to a federated sub that maybe nobody has yet accessed on the instance I’ve joined?

I found an old (1y) discussion about how to make Lemmy more accessible to new users. Someone offhand referenced this topic (accessing federated subs) needing more clarity, but with no explanation. A pointer to a how-to would be handy; maybe answers will help some future user when they find this post through whichever fad search engine privacy wonks are using in a couple of years.


Hello, and thanks for using my instance! Admins only have control over what instances their instance federates with, not communities (subs). I don’t think you can really search and subscribe to a community from Jerboa. I’d suggest using the web UI and searching !community_name@instance_name.domain.

I think you can subscribe to a community in Jerboa if you open community’s page and tap on a little gray tick next to its name


for a sub to show up in your search it needs to have been accessed by the instance before. to force it to access the sub, paste the link (yes, the literal HTTP link) into the search bar. it may not work on the app, but it definitely will on the web frontend


Inserting the community with the instance into the url when using the web UI also works. For example, if you would want to subscribe to the Technology community but you can’t find it with the search function, you could enter to subscribe to the community. From what I’ve heard, communities not being searchable is because no one else from your instance subscribed to that community yet.


ah i didn’t know that, that’s pretty useful! especially if you’re comfortable with manually writing links, which i am

i’m pretty sure if you just open a sub from your instance that will cause your instance to become aware of it and include it in searches. but you may be right

I used to use jerboa and this happened quite often. You can instead subscribe via the web ui or if you have access to the mod’s profile you can access communities they moderate.

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